The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a good game wrapped up in a horrible one. It is a composed and woven story of Geralt of Rivia, the titular sorcerer, monster hunter, who searches for the girl he considers to be his adopted daughter, Ciri, while being hunted by the Wild Hunt, a team of magical warriors, for reasons unknown. .…

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Health Fitness

Pancreatic Cancer: Acai Berry May Help

On CNN, a story was published that could change the lives of many people predisposed to pancreatic cancer. As you probably know, this is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, in part because it is usually diagnosed too late. But, with the use of regular antioxidants, of which Acai Berry is one, you may be able to prevent this…

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Lifestyle Fashion

TOP 10 Islands in Brazil

The Brazilian coast is blessed with many wonderful islands, some of them world famous like Fernando de Noronha and Ilha Grande. Here is a list of the 10 best Brazilian islands and the reasons that made them so special. If you are a lover of the islands, you cannot miss it! TOP 10 Brazilian islands: 10 – Boipeba Island (Ilha…

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Collecting Old Halloween Candy Containers

Candy and treats are the most collected Halloween items by children who travel from house to house when they are trick-or-treating. Candy is not a durable item which makes it a practical collectible. However, the containers children use during trick-or-treating to collect candy are highly prized collectibles. In the early 1900s, Halloween candy packages were being produced in Japan and…

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Real Estate

What is the premium for tax lien certificates?

The premium is an additional amount to the amount of the tax lien certificate that the investor will pay to the municipality to acquire the lien. When a premium is paid for a link, it is not the lowest interest rate that is bid that wins the link, but the highest premium. Premium is not offered in all states that…

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Shopping Product Reviews

Amazon Prime Twitch Digital Games

What do you get with your Amazon Prime membership? You get Twitch, which is a popular online service for video games, digital video broadcasts, artwork creation livestreams, music, talk shows, and occasional TV shows. Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon; is owned by Twitch Interactive, I love all the free entertainment that comes from my Prime Membership. Twitch, which allows…

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2008 Houston Texans Preliminary Report

The Houston Texans have yet to win a Super Bowl, a conference championship or even a divisional title. On the other hand, it should also be remembered that the Houston Texans have a relatively short history, having first formed in 2002. The creation of this team gave Texas a second reason to be proud, in addition to the Dallas Cowboys.…

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Tours Travel

Top Ten Tips for the Best Road Trip Ever

There is nothing more fun than an old fashioned road trip. I love to hit the road and explore our country. Now, I’ve been a “road traveler” for some time and while I love air travel, I love road trips because that’s how you can really experience the country. So it’s time to whip up your favorite tunes and snacks…

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Arts Entertainments

Jon Anderson still enjoying the ride

Jon Anderson is flirting with his wife. The former leader of Yes, one of the most successful progressive rock bands in history, is writing a song for his Brazilian summer tour and wants his wife, Jane Luttenberger Anderson, to sing it for him. “She speaks perfect Portuguese. She’s really good,” he stammered. “I’ve tried to get her to sing with…

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Digging deeper into the game development training market

“A lot of indie developers who became ‘Overnight Hits’ have been working on it for ten years.” – Dan Adelman The gaming industry is on a totally different level these days. Be it virtual reality or artificial intelligence, game development techniques have made a difference in the world market. I’m sure you must have heard of these names: Clash of…

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