Health Fitness

What to expect at a Japanese steakhouse

There are few better dining experiences than a true Japanese steakhouse. With a variety of entrees, appetizers, and drinks, plus an atmosphere as rich as the menu, an authentic Japanese steakhouse will leave you with a full belly, but a hunger for more. As with any good steakhouse, pacing and sampling are key. You don’t want to overload yourself with…

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Legal Law

Ethical Inspiration – The value of courage

Courage — Noun; conscious self-sacrifice in pursuit of something greater than one’s own self-interest. People are basically goal-oriented, seeking to satisfy wants and needs. But when pain or fear or any avoidance trigger intrudes, it’s hard to follow desire with action, even if the goal is huge, the action critical, and the rewards big. In these moments, we need Courage.…

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Lifestyle Fashion

The history and culture of pricked ears

People have been decorating and making changes to the appearance of their bodies since recorded history began. This has taken many forms over the centuries, including tattoos, piercings, lifts, scars, branding, muscle sculpting, hair styling, and many more, and for almost as many different reasons. Historically, the three main purposes for these forms of body modification have been tribal (to…

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Real Estate

12 easy steps to improve your credit score

The availability of good credit is critical to developing and maintaining a prosperous lifestyle. Many of us don’t really understand how to build and manage a healthy credit score. Part of this is that we don’t take the time or effort to learn what to do in more detail, and the other part is that when we do, we encounter…

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Heisman Trophy: The race to claim the title of the best college football player is heating up

As conference play approaches, each of the preseason Heisman hopefuls has either lived up to our hype or begun their slow descent into obscurity. The player who emerges as the ultimate victor will depend not only on outstanding personal performances, but also on his team’s ability to consistently win football matches, especially key matches on their schedules. Early season hopefuls…

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Tours Travel

Australian actor Paul Ashton in his new movie, "serial friends" and his move to Hollywood

Australian actor Paul Ashton recently wrapped filming on the film “Serial Buddies,” an independent comedy labeled “the first ever serial killer buddy movie,” produced by Maria Menounos and directed by Keven Undergaro. In it he plays one of the two leading roles and acted alongside the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Christopher McDonald and David Proval. It was an experience and…

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Digital marketing and the rise of online advertising

“The future of advertising is the Internet” – Bill Gates Considered among the smartest men alive, Bill Gates couldn’t have said things more clearly. Digital marketing has taken the field of marketing itself in a direction that many didn’t see coming for some time. The ubiquity of internet devices and the connectivity of social media has made this field an…

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UPL and you

I’m not a lawyer, I’m a trial broker. This article is my opinion, and not legal advice, based on my experience in California, and laws vary by state. If you ever need legal advice or a strategy to use, contact an attorney. Even if you’re a lawyer, it can be scary to be accused by a District Attorney, State Attorney…

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