# 77 Baylor Bears Preview

Spring practices are on the books and fall camps will be here before you know it, so that means having an early jump into the 2006 NCAA football season. Knowing the teams now will save you time in August and Matt Fargo is here to help you understand what to expect next year. We go from worst to first in…

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Tours Travel

How to date your Fred Bear tie

Since we have the opportunity to sell many different items through our eBay delivery store, certain things start to stand out that seem to be selling extremely well. One element that stands out is the classic BEAR Recurve bows. Recently on a trip out of town we stopped by an antique store like we usually do and saw this recurve…

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Arts Entertainments

MOAB – A Walk on the Wild Side

The Ford Explorer lurched forward and fell even closer to the edge of the dirt road, a wet, slippery melt of red clay and ice from the first snow of the season. My eyes were fixed on the sheer cliff overlooking the Colorado River thousands of feet below, the looming rim now just inches from the muddy tires. My nails…

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The best affordable makeup products

1. Okay, so this first one may sound strange, but trust me! The best foundation you can get at the drugstore is actually a men’s shaving balm. Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is the best foundation I have ever used. Dutch YouTube makeup guru Nikkie de Jager is credited with discovering this trick. Apply the balm as you would…

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The IRS innocent spouse rule

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that sometimes when a joint return is filed, both parties may not be liable for the resulting tax liability. However, when there is a tax obligation, either party can be held jointly and severally liable. The Internal Revenue Service provides 3 types of innocent spouse relief, separation of responsibilities, and equitable relief. Innocent spouse relief…

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Home Kitchen

4 killer kitchen remodel ideas

There are few things more fun and exciting for a homeowner than taking on a full-scale remodeling project. Kitchen remodel holds a special place in many people’s hearts, so read on for some great ideas on how you might want to design this crucial space in your home. Mine traditional cultural influences Several popular kitchen remodel trends of recent years…

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Winter driving tip: back up with front-wheel drive

Driving in winter can be challenging enough without someone telling you to drive in reverse, but that’s exactly what I’m going to recommend for rare situations where driving forward with front-wheel drive just isn’t enough. True, the idea of ​​driving backwards is a bit strange, but in special circumstances, it works better with a front-wheel drive vehicle than forward. Special…

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