What is the hyaluronic acid fibromyalgia link?

Research on fibromyalgia and its causes is ongoing and various treatment options are being studied. Now, a hyaluronic acid fibromyalgia has been suggested as a possible relief and cure for this increasingly common life-altering ailment. What is fibromyalgia? The condition is diagnosed when a person experiences pain in the body’s connective tissues, especially the joints and musculoskeletal areas, along with…

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Legal Law

Legal Recruitment: How to Explain Bad Grades

As a practicing attorney who volunteers regularly at a couple of local law schools, I spend a lot of time advising students. A question I get frequently during recruiting season is, “How can I explain to interviewers why my grades are not very good?” While it’s true that you can’t change your ratings, the way you explain less-than-stellar ratings can…

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Lifestyle Fashion

Handcrafted jewelry

If you’re thinking of hippie-style beaded macaroni necklaces and earrings when you hear the term artisan jewelry, chances are you haven’t spent time at craft shows and shows in recent years. Handmade jewelry has truly stood out with a variety of different metals, styles, gems, and semi-precious stones, as well as non-traditional jewelry materials. Handmade jewelry is often a one-of-a-kind…

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Teacup kittens: the pros and cons of a smaller size

The teacup kitten is not so much a breed as it is a description of a group of cats that are much smaller than average in size. This can be due to several reasons and some who are born very small do not always stay that way. For some people, its small size is a huge advantage, especially for those…

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Real Estate

The IRS retirement loophole

How will you survive financially in retirement? By one estimate, a 65-year-old American couple retiring in 2017 will need a minimum of $ 13,000 per year for 20 years, $ 260,000 before inflation. I don’t have to tell you what it would be like to live on $ 13,000 a year or $ 1,083 a month. Sure you can imagine…

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5 ideas of fun things to do with your nieces and nephews

If your nieces or nephews are like many children, they are probably very crazy about you. After all, there is nothing like the time they spend with their aunts and uncles. However, given the competition some aunts and uncles face in terms of grandparents who also want to spend a special time with their favorite children, play dates with friends,…

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Tours Travel

Five Texas Getaways to Inspire Your Summer Vacation Plans

Sure, some of you will scoff at the idea of ​​posting a list of possible summer vacation ideas because we’re essentially the middle of summer. It’s for this reason that this list will focus specifically on Texas getaways because if you’re looking to make the most of an ever-narrowing travel window, the Lone Star State is the place to be.…

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Why are cell phone numbers not considered public information?

Over the past year, many different emails have circulated stating that cell phone subscribers must register their phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry before a certain deadline, to avoid receiving telemarketing calls because cell phone numbers will be released to the public. These emails are fake for the simple fact that it is illegal for telemarketers using…

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