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The tangibility factor

It was a cold and cloudy December afternoon. Traffic was thinning out because it was Christmas Eve. Everyone was excited about the joys and surprises that Christmas would bring. Except me. I was stuck in a cubicle finishing an operations manual. It was hard to concentrate on the task at hand. He wanted to run out of the office and…

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Lifestyle Fashion

List of foods that form pus and mucus

The word “bugger” is from Latin bugger meaning “slime, mold, mucus, etc.” Mucus refers to a thick, slimy, slippery secretion that is made up of dead cells, mucin, inorganic salts, water, and exfoliated cells. It also refers to the slimy, sticky, gooey substance left behind by mucus-forming foods in the body after ingestion. The word “pus” It is from the…

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Does a hermit crab really make a good pet? The pros and cons

Hermit crab pets are considered exotic. By exotic we generally mean rare and not easy to find, but the fact is that while few people keep them as pets, they are available in large numbers. These crabs belong to the ‘Paguroidea’ family and are omnivorous or herbivorous, meaning they will eat anything. There are also terrestrial and aquatic species. Aquatic…

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Real Estate

The reduction in the interest rate of student loans is making many students interested in student loans

Federal government loans are special financial aid from government institutions for students participating in higher education. Most of the students often worry about financial problems when they enter colleges after finishing their college and high school education. That is why they seek help from the government or other financial companies for their academic expenses. Applying for loans you need to…

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Shopping Product Reviews

Pet Wellness – Pet Stress Awareness

Pet wellness encompasses many areas of a healthy, happy pet, so in thanks for Stress Awareness Month, learn how you can identify and eliminate pet stress to give your pet a longer, happier, and healthier life. healthier. April is Stress Awareness Month and this applies to all living things, big and small, human and otherwise, particularly our pets. Are you…

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Learn the story behind the historic Harley Davidson logo

To discover the history of the Harley Davidson logo you need to know a little about the company. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1901, at the age of 21, William S. Harley drew his first blueprint of an engine he wanted to put in a bicycle. William did not start working with his partner Arthur Davidson until two years later. When…

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Arts Entertainments

What is the best pool cue?

I am often asked what is the best pool cue. Well it depends on what you mean, if you mean which cue has the best action for putting balls in, the only answer I can give you is the cue you feel most comfortable with, price here is not an issue. In fact, whatever cue you buy, you will have…

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Why is wearing makeup a good idea?

Both men and women love to look good. A man’s way of looking handsome is to enhance himself, while women like to play with colors and enhance their appearance. Makeup should not be seen as something that helps you hide your flaws (although it does), but rather as something that helps you enhance your features. It should blend in with…

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