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How to choose a good portrait photographer

So you’ve decided it’s time for some nice family photos, or maybe your daughter needs her high school portraits, or she wants to capture the beauty of her new baby. It’s time to find a photographer who will give her the images she wants at a price she can afford. Relax: there’s a lot of good news here! You can…

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Nigeria an emerging tourist country

Nigeria, located in the West African region of Africa, is a beautiful country to behold. It limits to the north with the Republic of Niger, to the east with the Republic of Benin, to the west with Cameroon and to the south with the Atlantic Ocean. Umar Yar’adua’s administration, which began in May 2007, has made tourism one of his…

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Fall prevention for the elderly

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury-related hospitalization and death, and one of the leading reasons for admission to complex care settings. Fall prevention is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Causes of falls – decreased vision – taking unnecessary risks (eg, standing on a stool to reach items on the top shelf when you have poor…

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