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Teens, jobs and school: the pros and cons

Most teens pick up on the old adage that “money equals power” at a relatively early age. Money equals designer clothes, a car and insurance, and in many cases, a certain amount of freedom. And to get money, many teens get part-time jobs. While the benefits and/or drawbacks of teens and part-time jobs have been researched, studied, and debated since…

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Real Estate

How to choose a brand name

One of the first challenges every marketer faces when launching a new brand is choosing a name for it. Naming is very important in your overall brand strategy for at least three reasons: First, it is the first point of contact your customers have with your brand, and you want to make a good first impression. Second, a well-chosen name…

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Shopping Product Reviews

The 5 longest rivers in Ireland

the shannon With a length of 386 kilometres, the River Shannon is the longest river on the island of Ireland. Flowing in a southerly direction, the Shannon rises at Shannon Pot in County Cavan on the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, passes through or between 10 different counties and enters the Atlantic Ocean at the Shannon estuary near Limerick. The River…

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How to be an NFL lineman

I am a retired NFL player and was a lineman. In this article I am going to explain what you must do to become a lineman in the NFL. First of all, to be an NFL lineman, you have to have heart and passion as this is the most important part of being an NFL lineman. Heart and passion for…

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The Inner Workings of Credit Repair

Credit problems can affect anyone at any given time. Whether negative credit scores arise from a layoff, wrongful termination, new or old medical conditions that cause large bills to rack up, divorce, poor money management, or other reasons, raising a credit score can be a daunting task even for more dedicated people. Credit problems can not only affect the interest…

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