Health Fitness

Recovering from a big meal or binge: the healthy way

Well, then it was the weekend. And after a long week of hard work, you deserve to treat yourself and go to restaurants and bars with some of your friends. But now it’s the day after and you’re feeling a little guilty, sluggish, bigger around the waist and possibly a little hungover. How do you quickly recover from your weekend…

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Legal Law

Inclusion: help or hindrance?

In recent years there has been increased pressure for children of all ages with special needs to be integrated into “typical peer” situations. While it may be the magic ticket for some kids, it’s not for everyone. Parents of many children with special needs want their child to be “normal.” Part of this is moving into a traditional classroom. Some…

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Real Estate

Why use Self-Storage?

Storage is not a new concept. People have been storing up little treasures and precious trinkets ever since early man decided to hide his collection of saber-toothed tiger necklaces under his mammoth-skin rug so his wife wouldn’t force him to throw them away. Our storage methods have become more sophisticated over the years, but for many the principle remains the…

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5v5 Flag Football Playbook Philosophy – Keep It Simple

Five-on-five flag football is a growing sport both in the United States and abroad. If you look at TV ratings throughout the year, you’ll see that some of the most watched shows include Monday Night Football, the Superbowl, College Bowl games, as well as the regular college and professional football games played on Saturdays and Sundays. There’s a reason many…

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Tours Travel

Why Bhutan Tours & Luxury Exclusive is the best travel agent in Bhutan

MEMBERSHIPS We are committed to the highest industry standards. As such, Bhutan Tours & Luxury Exclusive maintains active memberships with the following associations that adhere to their standards of excellence. RGBB The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGOB) firmly adheres to a ‘High Value, Low Impact’ tourism policy, thereby creating the country as a unique tourist destination in the world. The…

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Begonias – How Do You Transplant Begonia Young Plants?

Begonias – How Do You Transplant Begonia Young Plants? Begonias are easy to grow indoors or outside and can be grown from seeds, rhizomes, tubers or roots. You can also buy ready-to-plant plants or plugs of various begonia varieties. When growing begonias from seed, it’s important to start them indoors in late winter or early spring. This will allow them…

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Arts Entertainments

Polish your image with online reputation management

Cut it in the butt! Cleaning up your Online Reputation Management (ORM) reputation online is no easy task. One thing that is certain is that you want to cut the situation on the rear as soon as you realize that your position has been smeared online. The average person probably wouldn’t lose any sleep over supposedly false information online. However,…

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The truth about cold sores

Although statistics vary, about 70 percent of all American adults have oral herpes (cold sores), but not all develop symptoms. Many people are unaware of the virus or think it’s no big deal, but the herpes virus is highly contagious. Cold sores and cold sores come from the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), but make no mistake, simplex type…

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