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Placebo effect on strength: published scientific studies

Ness and Paton experiment (1979). Beginning weightlifters lifted 7-9 kg (20 lbs) more weight on the incline bench press than they “really can.” As? They were told they were lifting the weight they were capable of lifting and were unaware that the researchers actually put more weight on the bar than they led the participants to believe. You might be…

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Legal Law

Image processing with deep learning

Today’s computers can not only automatically classify photos, but can also describe the various elements in the images and write short sentences describing each segment with the proper English grammar. This is done by the Deep Learning Network (CNN) which learns naturally occurring patterns in photos. Imagenet is one of the largest databases of labeled images for training convolutional neural…

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Lifestyle Fashion

Legend of the California Gold Rush

All US states have nicknames. New York is the Empire State. New Jersey is the Garden State. California is the Golden State. Its nickname comes from the California Gold Rush in US history. The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when a carpenter and sawmill operator, James Wilson Marshall (October 8, 1810 – August 10, 1885) discovered gold…

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Cure for Cancer Math

The concept that cancer is endemic to tribes but not to species has been associated with the evolution of science itself. Tribal science evolves the human intellect through the development of weapons of war. This evolutionary process becomes a form of neurological cancer when the DNA shows that the human species is harming itself. From that medical perspective, both tribal…

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Arts Entertainments

Understand the housing market

You may have been searching the real estate market for some indication as to whether you should buy or sell a home. what should you be looking for? Recent reports are pretty grim. Sales are falling, rates are rising, and the market is slowing down. What does that mean to you? If you are a seller, you may find it…

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7 Fatal Sins of Online Marketing… More Secrets to Boosting Website Traffic, Sales Conversion, and ROI

If set up right, online marketing can help you generate consistent passive income. There are many stories of how first-time entrepreneurs have made a lot of money selling their products and services through online marketing. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of times, more stories of how people failed badly. Investing your money and losing or getting little back.…

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