Health Fitness

Top Ten High Energy Foods

Many people skip breakfast, believing that it is a good way to lose weight. Then, in the middle of the morning, they start to feel emaciated and ready to drop. They run for a quick energy fix: a candy bar, a soda, or worse, one of the newer caffeine-and-sugar-filled energy drinks. And it does, indeed, give them a jolt, but…

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Legal Law

To spank or not to spank: what the experts say

“There was never a time when a major social problem was solved by beating a child. And there will never be a time like this… For centuries, adults have hurt children and lied about it, and other adults have listened to those lies and then simply rejected…we must start placing the blame where it belongs.” -vs. Everett Koop, MD, Sc.D.…

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Lifestyle Fashion

Alternative treatment for digestive problems after gallbladder removal

A gallbladder removal surgery is not necessarily an easy procedure. After gallbladder removal surgery, some people have digestive problems and pain. The medical name for this condition is post-cholecystectomy syndrome, and gallbladder removal surgery is cholecystectomy. According to medical research, post-cholecystectomy syndrome occurs in 15-40 percent of people without a gallbladder. If 700,000 cholecystectomies are performed annually in the US,…

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Shopping Product Reviews

How To Make Your Wife Happy: A Married Woman’s Secret Wish List For A Happy Married Life

Introduction: This summary is to separate the facts from the common assumptions and misconceptions of husbands around the world. Common Belief #1: A ring on a woman’s finger secures her forever. Made: Contrary to popular belief, marriage does not make a woman feel secure enough not to demand her husband’s attention. We are creatures of habit, and women by nature…

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Preview of selected weekend matches

Premiership Birmingham City vs. Arsenal Arsenal would look to bounce back from 2 disappointing results by winning in Birmingham to maintain their 5 point gap or even increase their lead at the top. Birmingham would feel that if they could get a draw at the Emirates they could get the same result or pull off an upset against the league…

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Arts Entertainments

Dorothy Parker and The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a classic American novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and first published in 1925 during the height of America’s Roaring Twenties. The book was a huge success. At the time of The Great Gatsby’s release, Dorothy Parker, a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table, was thirty-two years old, living and working in New York City…

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The needs of many

In Star Trek, a famous television series, actor Leonard Simon Nimoy played a character named Mr. Spock, an alien from a planet called Vulcan, whose inhabitants guided their behavior by logic, burying their feelings deep in their powerful minds. In the series, these were the first alien people to make contact with our beautiful but also troublesome blue globe. This…

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