Health Fitness

Baby Boomers Warned About Binge Drinking as Alcohol-Related Deaths Rise

Don’t shoot the messenger, but baby boomers are drinking at alarming levels. Just this week, baby boomers received new alcohol warnings as alcohol-related deaths among people age 50 and older increased. The number of deaths attributed solely to alcohol has increased by 45% since 2001, according to a report published Tuesday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). While this…

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Legal Law

The new mind-body paradigm

“Wherever a thought goes, a chemist goes with it.” –Deepak Chopra Life-threatening disease is more than a crisis of the body; it is a crisis of the soul. In thirty-five years as a hospital cardiologist, I have seen countless ways patients react to a medical catastrophe. Initially, most feel overwhelmed and feel as if they have been attacked by some…

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Lifestyle Fashion

Tarot cards: good or bad?

“What are those?” My grandmother pointed to my card game. I looked at her, excited to tell her. “Tarot cards.” His eyes widened and he looked at my mother and father. “Who let you have the devil’s toys?” My mother and father looked at each other. I bought them for her. My father spoke. “And you say you are a…

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Real Estate

Important benefits of RV storage

RV storage or recreational vehicle storage is a topic of great concern for people who own RVs, especially when the RV has to be stored for winters. RVs or RVs refer to three main types of vehicles: motor homes, motor homes, and travel trailers. Since these RVs are not used regularly, storage of these RVs is very important. To maintain…

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Shopping Product Reviews

Five things you’re screwing up in Team Building

There are a number of reasons why almost all organizations encourage teamwork. Research has shown that team building activities offer a good platform for companies to enhance high-impact learning, improve communication, increase employee morale, and improve overall productivity. Workers who embrace teamwork generally benefit from enjoying a sense of satisfaction in operating as a single unit to complete potentially challenging…

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Tours Travel

A travel guide for New Year’s Eve in Sydney

Are you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney for the first time? Well, just like you, over 80,000 fans from around the world are planning to fly to Sydney! With such an energetic crowd expected, you can imagine how eventful your visit will be. Everyone will want to enjoy a unique New Year’s Eve dinner in Sydney, whether…

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Panasonic 42 Inch Plasma HDTV – Panasonic TC-P42C2 Review

This 42-inch Panasonic Plasma TV is an entry-level HDTV from Panasonic that has only the core technology and is offered without 3D and Viera Cast features. The standout features of this TV happen to be the 2,000,000:1 native contrast ratio, multiple connectivity options, and 100,000-hour panel life. Panasonic also keeps Viera Image Viewer and Viera Link technology in this plasma…

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Twitter – Twitter Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Twitter took off as a success in 2008. By the end of 2008, the numbers told us that 70% of all Twitter users had joined in 2008. Some people prefer to have a few close friends following them. Those people can do what they want. But if you’re interested in building a brand and using Twitter to promote it, here…

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Home Kitchen

Countertop Options: Which Is Best For You?

Countertops represent one of the largest surfaces in your kitchen. They’re also the surface you’re likely to interact with the most, from sorting the mail to cooking and cleaning. A wide variety of surfaces are available: laminate, solid surface, engineered stone, and natural stone. Each of these surfaces has different characteristics, colors and cost. There is no such thing as…

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