How to Bake the Halloween Ham and Egg Cake Monster

Ham and egg pair up forever and this great friendship works well on this easy and attractive cake. As a mother of three lovely children, I love to make memorable treats with a simple touch. Sometimes a little difference makes your previously ordinary food extraordinary. If there’s a time to entertain or throw a spooky Halloween party, this recipe is a breeze to add to your menu.

This tart variation turns your usual ham and egg tart into a scary yet still charming pumpkin monster. They say we eat with our eyes. So why not make this simple dough a little more palatable and decorate it? This method is easier than most traditional cake recipes. You will have more time to enjoy the party. Baking a pumpkin pie monster is fun, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to bake your Halloween ham and egg pie monster!

For the pastry

400 g of shortcrust or puff pastry

1 egg for glaze with beaten egg

For the filling

250 g of sliced ​​ham

6 or 8 medium eggs

100 ml double cream

pinch of salt and black pepper

Serves 6 little monsters. The total time required 50 minutes. Preparation time 30 minutes. Cook time 35 minutes


Preheat the oven to 200 ° C (400 ° F / Gas 6). Divide your dough in two. Spread both pieces out on a floured hard surface to fit the size of your cake pan. Next, use half of the batter to cover the cake pan for baking. It is important that the dough fits perfectly in the corners. Spread the ham slices evenly over the bottom of the dough base. Break the 6-8 eggs into the shell. Arrange them evenly and make sure the yolks are in one piece. Pour over the cream and season well with salt and black pepper. Moisten the edges of the short crust or puff pastry shell with a little water. Top with the leftover piece of dough to create a lid. Cut off the excess and glue the ends of your dough with your fingers to seal.

Now comes the fun part

Don’t start cutting your cake freestyle. Plan to cut off your mouth, nose, and eyes. First draw the desired pattern on a sheet of paper. Use it as a template. When you’re done, place the paper on your cake and trace the monster face shape you’ve created with a pointed tool so you can easily remove the paper. Punch holes slightly after the outline of your design. When you’re done, use a sharp knife to cut out your design. Top your ham and egg cake with a layer of beaten egg and bake in the oven in half until the top is golden brown. Let cool for a while before cutting.

You can serve your masterpiece hot or cold with iceberg salad.

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