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5 common web design mistakes that can hurt your SEO in 2021

If you make some common web design mistakes, you may not be able to get many visitors. Your site’s theme, stunning images, and engaging text won’t do any good. In fact, your site will be a long way from the top three Google search pages for your desired keywords. Therefore, if you want to avoid these problems, we suggest that you avoid some common web design mistakes that can have a negative impact on your SEO campaigns. Keep reading.

1. Bad navigation

Some websites are so poorly designed that they confuse the new visitor. Your site visitors should be able to tell what your site is about at first glance. Apart from this, Google web crawlers should be able to understand your website. For this purpose, we suggest that you interconnect your important web pages.

2. Slower page load

Things move at super-fast speeds in the world of the Internet. People browse many websites when they are online. They visit social media sites, send emails, and exchange messages on different online platforms.

If your website takes a long time to load, it may turn off most of your visitors. They may click to never come back. Your visitors will stay on your site and come back again if the web pages load the moment they click the link. According to experts, the page load time should be three seconds maximum.

3. Website not optimized for mobile devices

Today, most of the web traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices. According to statistics, in the United States alone, there are more than 275 million smartphone users. And most surf the Internet on their mobile devices.

Statistics tell us that 70% of internet traffic comes from smartphones in the US Therefore, all websites must be compatible with smartphones, which means that the website must be responsive and easy to use. navigate on smartphones.

4. H1 tag is missing

Search engine crawlers consider the H1 tag to find out what your website is about. In the absence of this tag, your site’s ranking will fall in the major search engines. Apart from this, this tag makes web content much more search engine friendly.

5. Large multimedia and image files

Adding images and media files to your site is a great idea as they make your content more attractive and easy to understand. Although you can add images to articles on your site, be sure to do so wisely. The size of multimedia files and images should be reasonable. Large image files take a long time to load. As a result, they make your website much slower.

So what you need to do is run the PageSpeed ​​Insights test before taking the next step.

Simply put, we suggest that you avoid these common web design mistakes if you don’t want to hurt your search engine rankings.

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