How Over-the-Counter Hair Loss Treatments Work

There can be numerous reasons why we begin to lose our hair prematurely. For some it may be just a short-lived problem caused by stress or lifestyle choice, however for others it is a permanent condition if left untreated, often known as alopecia or male pattern baldness.

The importance of treating hair loss as soon as possible is not often stressed enough. This may be because men want to avoid talking to their doctor or refuse to acknowledge the condition at all. Whatever the reason, the fact is that if you want to maintain healthy tresses, your best defense is to start a treatment program as soon as possible.

Prescription treatments

Prescription hair loss treatments have a history of causing undesirable sexual side effects, including a reduction in sexual desire in men. I advise you to discuss your prescription product options with your GP. For many, however, the negative sexual side effects may be enough to avoid considering any of these medications; however, they are not familiar with the over-the-counter alternatives that can help them maintain their hair.

The cause of most hair loss is the same, a hormonal sensitivity in the scalp that causes the hair follicles to stop producing new healthy hair and become inactive.

To stop the process, you need to relieve hormonal sensitivity in one of two ways.

1 – It must reduce the production of the hormone DHT in the body, which is the culprit for the hair follicles to become inactive.

2 – You should prevent DHT from sticking to the hair follicles on the scalp.

Over-the-counter hair loss treatments use one or both methods.

Oral treatments

There are several oral-only capsules that claim that they can reduce premature hair loss by either reducing the production of DHT in the body or by blocking the DHT that is produced from reaching the scalp and sticking to the hair follicles.

While some products have received positive consumer feedback, it is generally best to use a topical treatment that is applied directly to the scalp in conjunction with an oral supplement or just a topical product on its own.

Topical treatments

Topical treatments make up the majority of over-the-counter hair loss treatment products. Creams, serums, and shampoos are the usual form of these products. Also, you will often find kits that contain a shampoo, serum, and oral supplement all together. These products offer a multi-pronged approach to treating hair loss both directly on the scalp and at the level of DHT production.

The most effective topical products contain a concentration of the FDA-approved anti-hair loss ingredient Minodyxl. You will find concentrations of 2.5% and 5%. Usually 2.5% is enough to get the job done.

Other products will contain all natural ingredients that claim to stop hair loss quickly. While you can find wonderful results with these products, I recommend that you look into clinical studies and trials of a product to prove its effectiveness before spending a penny.

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