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2468 Diet Reviews – Can The 2468 Diet Really Make You Lose 10 Pounds Per Month Safely?

Online marketplaces and search engines are flooded with various weight loss diets. A new entry on these diets is the 2468 diet. This is a calorie-based eating plan. Can it really help you lose 10 pounds per month? In fact, you surely can, but only at the cost of your health. Below is a review of the 2468 diet:

Let’s first understand what the 2468 diet is.

It is a 4-day meal cycle that makes you eat different amounts of calories every day.

Day 1 – 200 calories

Day 2 – 400 calories

Day 3 – 600 calories

Day 4 – 800 calories

That is why this weight loss plan is called the 2468 diet plan. This low calorie eating plan almost made you starve.

Comments for 2468 Diet Plan?

Losing weight at the cost of your health is never advisable. By consuming 200 calories a day, you may pass out. Now the maximum calories you take in on this diet is 800 pounds, which again is pretty low. An average adult body requires a minimum of 1,200 calories per day. There are other low calorie diets that give you 1000 calories per day that are still tolerable to some extent.

Another thing to know is that losing body fat in terms of weight loss is good. But losing muscle mass would make you sick and weak. Also, these kilos will reappear the moment you abandon the given diet plan. It also reduces the weight of water in the body, which can lead to chronic diarrhea.

Hunger leads to several serious health problems. Some other side effects are as follows:




Blurry vision



Reviews of the 2468 diet can inform many weight loss success stories, but remember that your health is much more important. Another healthy means of losing on those lover mangoes is the acai berry and colon cleanse. It is a healthy and safe combination to lose weight and control weight! They can easily help you lose 10 pounds or more per month!

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