Why do dogs smell the private parts of humans?

Dogs sniff out the most powerful things and have proven that they are too pure for this world. If you’ve experienced this, you know it’s uncomfortable. However, there is a logical clarification, and no, it’s not because they’re trying to copy a vibe.

In the same way that other individuals, including ourselves, have pondered. Why do dogs sniff our private parts?

How do dogs communicate?

Dog language can be exceptionally unpredictable for us and it will definitely take time and commitment to understand. In any case, there is a principle that is important for you to know: puppies have a highly developed sense of smell. Subsequently, they essentially use this sense to learn about their environment and concentrate data.
Dogs, and most warm-blooded animals as well, have structures called apocrine sweat organs, which are scattered throughout the body but most closely spaced in the genital and anal areas.

These organs create rotten substances that satisfy the vital capacity to transport social data. These substances are mainly known as pheromones, and through them a dog can get a lot of information about another puppy: sex, age, inclination and varieties in sexuality, for example, when they are in heat.

This is why dogs sniff the genital area to gain information about each other.

Reason for dog sniffing in the private part

When a dog sniffs our private parts it is basically to get information from us, just like they do with other dogs. The issue is that we are surprised, in any case, dogs communicate with people in canine language, it is impossible to expect another type of more refined communication.

People also have apocrine sweat organs, but they do not circulate throughout the body but are available in the armpits and groin. Subsequently, a dog that needs to get information from us is usually close to our crotches to notice our nearby parts.

This behavior is very normal when the dog does not know anyone, but it is more profoundly common when he does know someone, since when he smells our crotch, they are trying to understand how we are! With a known individual this behavior could well be translated as a warm welcome.

The behavior of looking at the private parts of people is complemented in a prominent way in the following cases:

Individuals who have had sexual intercourse lately

Menstruation period for women.

Women who have recently conceived a child and are breastfeeding

Women who ovulate (here the complement of this behavior is exceptionally noticeable)

Dogs can tell a lot about people through their innovative noses.

What to do when a dog sniffs your crotch

Although this behavior may be uncomfortable, in reality, the most sensible and sensible thing to do is literally nothing. Mediating is preventing your dog from using his natural language, this contrary action would be wild.

All together so that your dog behaves well and that your relationship is as close as possible given the circumstances, you should never strive to get away from this typical behavior and allow your pet to feel more united and safe in front of you. of individuals

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