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Tips and ideas to save money

Saving money at the grocery store is probably your best bet when you’re trying to budget, especially for those with kids. Don’t run out of coupons because it’s so easy to use them and you save tons of money. Two websites that are full of coupons are and another favorite is The Krazy Coupon Lady. She has a great blog, as well as a huge database of coupons, just about anything you’re looking for. Another thing that is useful is to eat at home. You would not believe how much money you would spend eating out. Try cooking every night to break it up and make it a little more fun. There are millions of websites that offer great recipes. Do a google search and you will find so many and it will save you money every week.

If you like to eat out, try these tips. Avoid alcoholic drinks, they will increase your bill to a huge amount. Check out the appetizers and desserts too. Ask your waitress before ordering about their specials. Go for lunch instead; lunch menus are always cheaper. You get the same food for a lower price. Check out special offers for early booking or nightly discounts. When you go with your kids, you can go to places that offer free kids meals with a paying adult. Look for restaurant coupons online too.

Before shopping for clothes for your kids, look for deals, coupon codes, and promotions online. If you like to buy online there are coupons for everything. It’s free to join Ebates, and in fact, you get a $10 gift card just for joining. Each month they send you a check for a percentage of what you spent. You can also save on clothes for your children by going to thrift stores. They usually have great clothes that have barely been worn.

The furniture is the same way. Go to Goodwill or let me down. If it looks rough, put a coat of paint on it and it will look like new. You may like the new furniture and feel like you are cheating on your child with new furniture. Your family and children will not notice and your friends and family will be impressed by your cunning and thrift.

Go to discount stores to decorate your home or children’s rooms. You can often find great home decorations at discount stores. Get ideas from department stores, websites or advertising decorations anywhere and recreate the look with items from thrift stores and discount stores.

Do you want to take the kids to the movies? Go in the morning if there is one. Movie theaters often have deals where if you buy popcorn and drinks of a certain size, you can get free refills. Bring popcorn bags to each child and bring the bucket to refill. Drinks you can do the same. Some theaters offer complimentary drinks for precisely this reason. Check with the theater to make sure they don’t have a policy against it. Do you want discounted tickets? Shop the Entertainer coupon books for your area. They always have good coupons. Search “entertainment coupon book”.

Lots of tips and ideas, be sure to leave comments, questions or additions.

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