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Survive a bear attack

How to survive a bear attack!

Bears can attack people if they feel they are in danger, are surprised, have cubs, or protect their territory. If possible, stay away from the bear! But if you’ve put yourself in a situation where you can’t avoid them, make sure they aren’t surprised by you.

Here are some crucial rules for living.

1. Never camp or hike alone.

2. Avoid bears. That “teddy bear” can turn you into ground meat very quickly, this includes the smallest black bear.

3. Do not feed it even from the “safety” of your car. Movies have been made showing people being ripped out of their cars because they were dumb enough to feed it. If you have to feed an animal, feed your cat or dog at home. Nature is fine, wild and wild animals will attack if the right circumstances are given.

4. Do not leave food around the camp. This is the main reason a bear will enter your camp when it smells food. Zip up the tent even if it’s hot and humid. Always be vigilant. Clean up your campground and put out any fires before you leave. If you have any food left, seal it in plastic or in a container in a tree away from camp. You better have that food for dinner than camper ala cart.

Bear profiles:

The black bear is a scavenger and, although small, it is very dangerous. Most commonly seen around human habitats, he may not consider you an enemy. Be careful and use the following procedure.

Brown bears will attack you on a whim. Although they are not aggressive by nature, they are very unpredictable. I could run away. He could see you and act like you are just another animal or he could charge you if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Brown bears rarely sustain the attack, however, with their enormous size and weight, they can destroy a medium-sized man with little effort.

Polar bears are a different nightmare. The Indians still live in fear of them and there is much history to reveal the terror of what they can do. These creatures can and do stalk humans. They are very smart and deadly. Staying out of the polar bear area is wise and will keep you alive. Unless you are doing a project for national geography, do not participate!

To do. . .

Singing, talking, or listening to music out loud is a good way not to surprise any animal. In any case, most of the bears will leave your area, since they are not really looking for a conflict.

The rule of thumb is that if you are facing a bear, speak softly while holding your arms above your head and slowly walk away. Be aware of your surroundings so you don’t trip over something, as this can create a problem! Holding your arms above your head not only makes you look bigger, but it also keeps their attention as you walk away.

Bears can growl, growl, and sometimes lower their heads with their ears back before an attack. If a bear stands on its paws, it is not a sign of aggression, it is just trying to see where you are.

So what if that doesn’t work and you realize that you are going to be attacked? While this can be a horrible experience, you need to keep your wits about yourself. Shooting a bear does not usually stop an attack. Sometimes the most valuable weapon is bear spray.

If you notice that the bear is going to carry you, spray! Bear sprays shoot great distances. In any case, don’t try to run. Some bears can run as fast as a horse and definitely outrun you. Quickly do one of two things. The best thing to do is find a large tree that you can climb quickly. Make a lot of noise and wave your hands, as this could cause the animal to leave. If you are stuck on the ground, keep your backpack on, this will give you some protection for your back. Cover your head and neck and get into the fetal position. PLAYING THE DEAD. Continue even if you are being bitten. In many cases, the bear will quickly realize that you are not a threat and will leave. What if it doesn’t stop? Yelling, yelling, and defending himself, this includes throwing dirt in his eyes, throwing large rocks at his head, anything to make him realize it won’t be an easy meal. With some people that was enough to get out unscathed.

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