Rustic Cabin Decorating Tips

“Rustic” is so often accompanied by the word “charm” that the two words have become inseparable. With the addition of a couple more words like “comforting” or “relaxing”, you will have summed up the appeal of this form of decorating.

Even if you’ve never done home decorating, getting the rustic decorating style in your home is easy and fun to do.

Rustic in the old days used to conjure “shaky and cheap”, but believe me, this kind of thinking is gone. Rustic decor is now on the verge of being sophisticated and modern.

The great outdoors may seem like an alternate world away from the city, but bringing it home shouldn’t be difficult. You don’t have to sacrifice modern sensibility for a little charm, either.

Develop a plan and do your research. Start by choosing your colors, furniture, and accessories wisely. These are the key parts of the decor if you want to achieve the natural and cozy look of the rustic cabin style in your home.

Some people mistakenly believe that rustic home decor means wildlife or farm animals are plastered everywhere. It is not. If you want your decor to revolve around non-animal items, you can find many items to fit your desire for rustic home decor.

The rustic decoration has to do with the connection with the outside. A throwback to a deep forest fishing lodge, summer vacation at a mountain lodge, or just a love of the outdoors, there’s something comfortable and cozy about a rustic theme.

Wood furnishings, warm colors, nature-inspired items, as well as Native American patterns and pottery are just a few things that can add that warm, rustic touch without the animals coming into the picture. If you want furniture and accessories that depict wildlife or farm animals, you’re bound to have plenty of décor items to choose from.

Hardwood floors are perfect for the rustic look, but you want to add some rugs for added comfort and softness, as well as to reduce the “echo” effect.

From a time in history when it was “the best we could do with what we had,” rustic has been around “forever.” Maintaining a smaller but steady following, rustic decor should continue to take its place on the decor scene, with no sharp peaks or valleys, well into the future.

You should use earthy and natural colors for your palette. You can add a unique touch with photos, artwork, and trinkets in addition to your sofa and chairs. You may want to finish in a natural, rustic style by using natural wood furniture. Choosing your furniture and accessories carefully will help perfect your own rustic decor design style.

Your décor accessories should focus on nature pieces or pieces that have an outdoorsy feel like old fishing gear, baskets, and snowshoes. Window treatments for this decorating style should be simple and natural, nothing formal or frilly. You can think of using wood blinds, plain sheers, or a simple valance or stained glass panel.

When decorating, you should also take into account the lighting. Lighting is as important as choosing the accessories in the house. The lighting should give an earthy look that enhances the beauty of the room.

Living rooms often have table lamps for lighting, and you’ll want to use ones that are earthy with natural themes to accentuate the rustic design of the room.

A rustic house with enough ceiling space opens the door to the world of lighting with chandeliers. Choosing the right chandelier is another matter and depends on the theme of your accommodation or the rustic motif. There are gorgeous collections of chandeliers available that will quickly solve that dilemma.

For rustic charm with a little more sophistication, try metal candle holders shaped like elements of nature. Chandeliers with pineapple-shaped holders or chandeliers designed to look like leaves are hanging from the lights are attractive options.

Deciding on the right chandelier style, size and design for a room is a critical decorating decision as one would prefer to install a hanging chandelier only once. There are very large and varied chandelier collections from rustic chandeliers, unique stained glass chandeliers and very elegant chandelier designs.

You will find many styles of chandeliers to choose from. The number of decorative chandeliers, kitchen chandeliers and dining room chandeliers, models, sizes, colors and designs to choose from will surprise you. Whatever your theme, be it Rustic, Southwestern, Country, Traditional, Tiffany, Mission, or Contemporary; there are chandeliers and other lighting fixtures to meet your needs.

Rustic wall sconces in one to four light configurations fit any rustic theme, from cottage to sophisticated country style. Nature and wildlife scenes in metal and stained glass or painted are great for placing by the fireplace, in hallways, and in bathrooms. Or anywhere that needs light.

Royal lighting can take on all shapes, sizes, and forms of woodland. A charming centerpiece capable of holding taper candles can be the perfect choice for your dining room table. This can be wonderfully complemented by a rustic chandelier in the main living room or a rustic lamp on a side table. Cottage look floor lamps can also be used to brighten up a drab corner while adding rustic charm to the atmosphere.

So whether you’re decorating a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or foyer living room or a lavishly furnished rustic great room or trophy room, we can help you light up your home brilliantly.

Not every part of your home decor needs to be rustic. Even adding some rustic indoor or outdoor decorations can give your home a rustic feel. All you need is a little research on the accessories and the color theme.

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