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Maui Fire Lawyers Investigating Cause of Devastating Wildfires

Maui Fire Lawyers Investigating

Maui fire lawyers are investigating the cause of a series of devastating wildfires that swept through the town of Lahaina. The blazes destroyed homes, killed dozens and forced thousands to flee their properties. The attorneys of Watts Guerra and Singleton Schreiber have sent investigators to the island to interview eyewitnesses and review reports. They say the evidence points to a damaged utility power line as the likely ignition source.

The investigation by the Maui fire lawyers involves reviewing witness accounts of downed power lines causing fires, and also looking at fire patterns and burning debris that indicates what caused the blazes to spread. The attorneys are evaluating the information as they prepare to file lawsuits. They are also working with residents of the burned areas to ensure they do not fall victim to predatory real estate investors who would try to swoop in and buy up their properties for a profit.

A fire that killed a firefighter and devastated the historic oceanside village of Lahaina is one of the deadliest wildfires in U.S. history, with the death toll rising to 115. The massive blaze wiped out hundreds of structures, including homes, hotels and historic places of worship. It is the largest loss of property from a wildfire in U.S. history, destroying more than 2,000 structures in an area that covers nearly a thousand square miles of the island.

Maui Fire Lawyers Investigating Cause of Devastating Wildfires

The blaze started on Aug. 8, prompted by dry conditions, combustible vegetation and high winds from Hurricane Dora. It spread quickly, and by the end of the day was raging through the towns of Lahaina and Kula. It is now considered the most destructive wildfire in the nation in more than a century, and will cost billions to rebuild.

sue Hawaiian Electric

Attorneys for the victims are calling on Hawaii lawmakers to investigate the incident and demand answers from Hawaiian Electric. They accuse the company of gross negligence and putting profits ahead of consumer safety. The lawyers are also preparing to file class action lawsuits against the utility company.

Several attorneys have already filed claims against the utility for failing to cut off power to downed power lines in a timely fashion. The claim against the utility alleges that the fires could have been prevented if the company had prioritized wildfire mitigation.

Another lawsuit against the utility was filed by the county of Maui, which argues that it suffered billions in damages from the fires in Lahaina and Kula. It claims that the fires were caused by the utilities’ equipment, and it is seeking compensation for damage to public resources, costs and revenue losses.

The county’s lawsuit is the latest legal action against Hawaiian Electric and its subsidiaries, which face a series of claims from survivors and other residents affected by the blaze. One of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Gerald Singleton, previously represented California utility PG&E in a $13.5 billion settlement after its equipment sparked wildfires across the state in 2021. It is unclear if the Maui case will result in a similar payout.

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