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How to choose a humidor

Humidors come in many styles. You can choose a humidor with trays, a high-gloss finish, with legs, etc. There are so many to choose from, you need to know the basics to ensure you get a good quality box that will preserve your cigars for years to come.

1. Size. You want to start with a humidor that’s at least 50% larger than you think you’ll need because you’ll inevitably start to store more cigars, so it’s best to plan ahead. Remember, you can put fewer cigars in a larger humidor, but you can’t put more in a smaller one!

2. Seal. You want to make sure that when you close the lid of the humidor, it makes a nice sound as it closes. If it snorts or hisses when it closes, you’re golden. When shopping online, and you can’t actually see or touch the humidor, it’s important to ask the owner if their humidors buzz when closed. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. All the humidors we offer close with a pleasant hiss.

3. Lining. Quality cigar humidors are lined with Spanish cedar. It is chosen because it can handle the required moisture without warping. Anything else inside a humidor is nonsense. You want the cedar kiln dried, which means they literally dry it out to remove all of the sap. This prevents a gross mess in all of your cigars. Insert any Clinton joke you want here. But seriously, Spanish Cedar is where it is. The Indians used to use it to build boats because it is friendly to water. The cedar must also be non-aromatic. This is not the cedar you put in a gerbil cage or closet. This is a different cedar. it does not smell

4. Styling. Make sure your choice of humidor complements your own personal style. There really isn’t much to say here. If you don’t like it on your desk or wherever you’re going to put it, it doesn’t really matter how well it works. I mean, if a world-famous chef made you spaghetti and colored it blue, you probably wouldn’t eat it. So why would you want an ugly humidor sitting on your desk?

5.Quality. Make sure the humidor is of good quality. If the lid warps or the hinges fail, the seal will break. Then all you’ll have is a nice storage box. Always remember: “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” That said, price doesn’t dictate quality at all. I have seen humidors cost thousands of dollars poorer than the cheap boxes I sell. In fact, in December 2003, Cigar Afficionado Magazine reviewed about 10 humidors. Most were boxes that cost thousands, yes, thousands of dollars. They also reviewed one of mine which retails for $199. My humidor got a B-, and a humidor that costs more than 5 times as much money got a C-. So price is not the determining factor. Make sure the hinges are good, the woodwork is good, and above all, that it has a good warranty or guarantee. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our humidors. Unprecedented in the industry.

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