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Enjoying the parks of Chiang Mai

Millions of tourists come to Thailand each year in search of beautiful weather, a friendly welcome, and a place to relax and escape the stress and strains of the Western world. While Thailand can offer all of these things, visitors often find that upon arriving in the capital of Bangkok, there is decidedly less green space than they expected.

While Bangkok may be too developed to suit the tastes of some tourists, for those looking for a nice relaxing park, Chiang Mai is the place to be.

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s relatively sleepy second city, is a couple of hours by plane (or a pleasant overnight train ride) north of Bangkok, but in terms of culture, the two cities are worlds apart. While Bangkok is loud, hectic, and often overwhelming, Chiang Mai is laid-back, laid-back, and infinitely more welcoming.

Chiang Mai is also much, much greener than Bangkok. The city’s well-maintained parks and gardens are a great place to relax after a long day of sightseeing, and you won’t have to walk far to find a place to take a break.

Most tourists in Chiang Mai will find Suan Buak Hart the most convenient park to visit. This is the only park located within the walls of the old town, the most popular tourist area of ​​the city. Suan Buak Hart is located in the southwest corner of the Old Town, and you’ll find it the perfect place to unwind.

At the entrance of the park you will see several food stalls, along with a wicker mat rental stand to keep your clothes clean while you lie on the grass. In the park itself you can enjoy the cooling effects of the large meandering pond that fills the center, around which is a paved jogging path.

While Suan Buak Hart is the best-maintained park in the city, those tourists wanting a bit more seclusion can head a little outside of the old town to Kanchanpisek. This lesser known park is located just outside the old town, very close to Suan Buak Hart. Kanchanpisek is newer than its neighbor and was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the King’s coronation.

Kanachanpisek is built next to the ruins of an earlier version of the city wall that was built from rammed earth. Very few sections of this wall remain, and Kanchanpisek is one of the few places where it can be seen.

While Suan Buak Hart is well-maintained, Kanchanpisek is slightly less pruned and mowed, and as a result tends not to attract as many visitors as its neighbor. However, this can be a boon for those who wish to run or cycle in peace, as the jogging trail at Suan Buak Hart can be crowded at times.

So whether you’re looking to exercise in peace away from the crowds or mingle with the happy and smiling Thai people as they spend the weekend enjoying nature with their families, you’ll find something to suit your needs in the heart of the city. city.

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