Do cats need winter boots?

It snowed last night for the first time this year in my area of ​​southern Ontario and it got me thinking about boots, winter coats, and the three kittens that call my place home.

“Get me some proper boots and you won’t be short of fur hats, or decent meals, or anything else,” said Puss in Boots to the son. When I think of “puss in boots” from my childhood, I remember all the favorite reading moments and I imagined that puss in boots. At the time it seemed strange to think of a puss in boots, but today, with all the cute new pet clothing available, the idea isn’t so strange. Actually, there are cat boots and pet owners are using them, but if you are thinking of buying them, you should proceed with caution.

Pet clothing, including pet clothing for cats, is becoming quite popular, and various pet stores and pet accessory stores offer different types of clothing, including, in some cases, cat winter boots.

The question is does your cat need winter boots? Well, if you live in cold climates and your cat goes outside, he may benefit from winter boots. The problem is that cats have such an independent nature, and their claws are such a big part of how they perceive things, that it can be difficult to get your cat used to winter boots.

As pets age, and that includes cats, they need extra help keeping warm, especially if the cat goes outside. As they age, when they go out for long walks, their body temperature can start to drop when they return and they start to get colder, so winter boots may be a temporary option until the cat warms up again.

There are certain pros and cons to cats wearing winter boots. It’s true that when it’s snowy and icy outside, your pet’s paws can freeze and snow can collect between their toes, and if there’s salt on your driveways, you can track that salt around the house and on your carpets. . But if you put winter boots on a cat and let it out unattended, you’re also taking away its defenses, because a cat uses its claws to defend itself against other animals, and when the boots are on, well, it just doesn’t. able to use those claws as well.

Cat boots can be used as a decorative flair or as a way to warm his paws when he goes back inside, but it’s probably not a good idea to let him out with only cat boots on.

Pet clothing fashions are cute and can be worn on cats. There are little sweaters and boots available, but you should probably enjoy them at home and leave them behind if your cat goes outside. The best way to keep your cat from getting cold is probably to keep him inside, where he’s warm and toasty. Most of the time, the cat will sniff outside when it’s really cold and will turn its back and decide to stay inside anyway.

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