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Avoid Spending Over $ 400 and Waiting 6-8 Weeks – Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Permanently Right Now

Would you like a simple answer as to why so many people are looking for ways to fix Xbox 360’s red ring of death? It just comes down to your Xbox 360 not being able to cope with constant heat and due to this flaw, many console owners are experiencing the red lights of Xbox 360 3.

If you’ve owned a console for a while and played for long periods of time on a daily basis, you risk causing errors within the motherboard that has all the major components stored on it. This heat is not resolved as effectively as it should be due to a design flaw in the heat sinks. They are supposed to treat overheating issues by absorbing most of the heat. But after months of long daily play, these heatsinks can start to struggle.

What happens next is why your console starts displaying the dreaded red rings of death error. Movement towards the motherboard begins to occur, causing the graphics processing unit to separate from its solder connection. Microsoft opted to use lead free solder as an alternative to lead solder, this is good for the environment but not so much for you and your Xbox 360.When constant overheating is applied without proper thermal protection these solder joints will not resist this heat. . This is why so many console owners are looking for permanent ways to repair the Xbox 360’s red ring of death.

Let’s take a look at how you can fix this common mistake at home in just a couple of hours.

(A) First remove the entire outer shell of your console.

(B) Locate the DVD drive and metal case, then remove them by unplugging them.

(C) Then remove the motherboard together with the fan.

(D) This next step is where you need to find the heatsink as mentioned above. Before you can remove this, you need to remove the X-clamp, which is easily identified because it is shaped like an x.

(E) Clean the GPU and CPU, these should be labeled and close to where you disconnected the heatsink.

(F) You will need to buy an arctic silver compound that is very cheap to buy at any computer hardware store. Then apply this on the GPU.

(G) Let this compound sit for 15-20 minutes. Find 2 nylon washers and place them above and below the heat sink.

(H) Reconnect the heat sink to the motherboard. These washers will ensure that your motherboard has room to breathe and that the heat sinks can do a more efficient job.

(I) Now just reverse the process and put your console back together.

Now you can play again on what is one of the best and most fun devices and it has also saved a lot of time and money at the same time.

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