You can’t regulate your path to air superiority, but tell the FAA

Over-regulation is killing our economy and hurting jobs in the US, but how can we get our government to get rid of this? Some say we need regulation to protect us from big business, but in reality that regulation just drives up the costs of everything we buy, rent, borrow, rent or steal (just kidding about the last part). Well, let’s take an example of over-regulation at the FAA and how it will affect your Christmas. Toy drones are a big seller this year, and now the FAA wants to regulate them, so we should talk about theirs.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on December 15, 2015 titled; “New Rules for Drone Owners” by Jack Nicas, who noted that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has a new rule going into effect that drone owners, even with small drones of 1/2 pound or more , they must register with the administration. Those who bought their drones before December 21, 2015 only have until February 19, 2016. Now, the cost to register the drones is only $5, but the fee will be waived for the first 30 days.

Get this, failure to register a drone carries the same weight as those failing to register a commercial aircraft, that is, up to $250,000 and 3 years in prison. Really for a toy drone bought at Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us, are you kidding me? That we’re going to put all the kids in jail who got a little toy drone for Christmas and didn’t register it? It seems to me that the FAA has lost its mind, but this is typical of a pushy Federal Agency. The FAA is also trying to manage property rights to asteroids, private spaceflight, and kite-flyers (well, not yet, but don’t tempt them with kites), since you’ll have to go to Afghanistan to fly your kite.

Why is our government going overboard with all this? Well, it seems that terrorists are now considering using drones, they already are in the Middle East. Still, it’s a lot like registering assault weapons or cars, who’s to say terrorists are going to register these drones in their own names, they don’t seem to register their weapons or cars with the various agencies that require it?

Why is the FAA getting involved in toy drones? Well they say there were 221 incidents of small drones approaching aircraft near airports in 2015. Still 1/2 pound drones are pretty light and don’t do much damage, birds weigh more than that and don’t have to do it. registration – whoops, I wouldn’t let this go through the FAA.

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