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Will cold weather create a patchy look on my roof or even shingle distortion?

When installing shingles on a roof, considering the weather can determine if the shingles react and perform in a positive way. The temperature range in which the shingles should be installed is between 40 F and 90 F degrees. If you try to install shingles when the weather is too cold, you may experience problems such as the shingles not lying flat against the roof, the shingles can create a distorted and uneven appearance, and the shingles can roll up at the edges from the cold.

There are several things you can do to avoid these problems. Make sure when you store the shingles prior to installation that you keep them in a room temperature environment, 70 F is adequate enough to keep the shingles pliable enough to work with.

In cold climates, it may also be necessary to hand-seal the shingles to ensure that the adhesive strip adheres properly to the house’s wood deck. This ensures that the shingles will perform as they should and keep rain and other weather elements out of your home.

Making sure your home is properly ventilated will also help deter the potential problem of your shingles reacting unfavorably. Many roofing contractors and homeowners also don’t think about these very important aspects if cold weather will do it to the roof and roof shingles. But keeping all this in mind will save time and money down the road and in the life of your home.

Handling shingles gently will help keep roofing materials intact. Since cold weather will certainly make the shingles brittle and increase the chance of cracking, it is very important to brace the shingles and bring them up to the roof for installation. Be sure to always handle all asphalt roofing shingles with the utmost care and ease.

So, with all of this information, hopefully you realize that just nailing down roofing shingles doesn’t end there. The process of starting a roofing job really begins from the moment the shingles arrive, laying them somewhere covered and at a comfortable temperature to protect them from the elements, and making sure the installers adhere to proper techniques not only for installing shingles, but handling them properly as well.

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