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Update your Sound Blaster Live with the latest sound card drivers

So you’ve got one of the best sound cards on the market. A Sound Blaster Live sound card. Then you updated Windows or bought and installed a new program. Maybe you just updated Windows, but whatever you did, the fact is that now your sound doesn’t work properly anymore. This is because you need the latest sound card drivers. An easy remedy for a minor problem.

Why is it necessary to update your drivers?

Technology is constantly evolving. Windows is constantly changing to fix bugs and improve the functionality of the operating system. This means that it changes the way you interact with your hardware. So this also means that the software that allows Windows to interact with your hardware, known as drivers, needs to be updated from time to time to keep up with changes.

If you don’t stay on top of your drivers and keep them up to date, you will eventually encounter bugs and instances where, for example, you won’t get sound in programs when your sound drivers need to be updated. Depending on how much you trust your sound card, the lack of sound can be a minor irritation or a major problem if you use your computer for regular conference calls.

How to update the drivers for your Sound Blaster Live sound card

1. Go to

2. Click Sound Blaster

3. There will be a list of the best selling Sound Blaster cards, with a link to other lines of Sound Blaster cards at the bottom. Find your card among those listed and download the driver. (If you need help identifying your card, go to Start > Search Bar > type Device Manager > click Continue > click the + next to Sound, video and game controllers and look for your Sound Blaster model there) . Be sure to take note of where you keep the driver.

4.Go to Home

5. Go to the search bar

6. Type Device Manager

7. When the window appears, click Continue

8. Click the + next to Sound, video and game controllers

9. Double click on the Sound Blaster device

10. Click the Update Driver button

11. Choose Browse your computer for the location of the drive and point it to where you saved the driver

12. At this point, your computer may want to restart so that the driver is fully installed. We suggest you let him do it right away.

An easier way to get the latest drivers

Today’s software industry has introduced a new type of program that will scan your computer for out-of-date drivers, search for the latest drivers, and install new drivers, all within minutes with just a few mouse clicks. . This is a huge time saver, and can really take all the worry out of keeping up with drivers.

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