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Top 6 Major Board Games

Descent, the board game, is not related at all to Descent, the pc game. In fact, this is an upgraded version of the board game Doom that belongs to Fantasy Flight Games’ series of fantasy board games including Lord of the Rings, War craft III, World of War craft, and Rune bound.

Regardless, we gave it a try and it felt like a fusion between an MMO and a board game – you have characters slaying hordes of monsters using force, magic, and cunning. After playing the game for the first time, as we normally do, we discuss the good and bad points of the game. This discussion led to the argument of what was the best board game of all time.

Let me break down the list of what we came up with from least to greatest:

6. Psychologizer it is like Fibs or No only in the sense that players are forced to tell stories about their lives and it is up to the other players to try to psychoanalyze each other. This is a bit of a serious game, but it’s great for a small group who would like to get to know each other. I personally like this game because the first time I played it, I ended up being the girlfriend of one of the other players.

5. Council it is a fantastic game but it results in the complete opposite effect of Psychologizer. The object of the game is to be able to acquire complete power and wealth in a simulated banana republic. The problem lies in the fact that it is a type of no-limit game where you can do anything to win the game – the more corrupt you are, the higher the chances of you winning the game. Personally, I have seen friendships strained from this game, but as long as you are a good athlete, it is quite fun.

Four. Chess It is the oldest board game around whose original date cannot be fully deciphered, as there are numerous variations in different cultures in ancient times. However, the variation that is being used now dates back to the 15th century in southern Europe. You may think this is a cheesy pick, but hey, this has been around for centuries, and its lasting power is definitely a testament that it is one of the best games in town.

3. Scratch is a classic board game. Like chess, Scrabble’s enduring popularity is a testament to its success as a board game. He is not very active but he is intellectually stimulating.

two. Skull is the one-stop shop for board games that will definitely entertain a large group of friends. Categories include trivia, performance, language arts, and arts. The way you answer the question also requires a lot of innovation and ingenuity on the part of the players. It’s a fantastic party game and uses the multiple intelligence of each team member. Personally, I love the performance category.

1. Monopoly for me it is the best board game. I must say that I learned to manage my finances thanks to Monopoly. It has also taught me to be ambitious. And above all, it is absolutely fun. Apart from these “lessons”, it is absolutely fun. Oh how I love it when I own the boardwalk and it turns out they stop there. At least members agree with me that Monopoly is the best game.

Yes, I know there are numerous board games that may be better than my list. I don’t doubt it but these are the ones that matter the most to me. Why don’t you give me your own lists?

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