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Three Jiu Jitsu Areas to Focus On

If you like grappling, you will end up competing in a BJJ tournament. But which moves are the best tournament techniques and which ones should one focus on as a beginner?

First I’ll give you a list of what I’ve learned to focus on and then I’ll tell you why. Understand first that this is what has worked for me, and it’s definitely not the first draft on the list. I learn something new from each tournament and then I learn to focus on it.

What does Jiu Jitsu move to focus on:

1. Takedowns
2. Proper positions and an escape from each position
3. A submission move from each position.

Why takedowns first? Because matches start standing up! If you’re not comfortable on your feet, you’ll probably start every game two points down or worse in a bad position.

Next positions and escapes. When I started BJJ, I tried to learn only submissions. I had heard about how BJ Penn had practiced every move he learned hundreds of times before learning the next move, so that’s what I did. I bought a grappling dummy and drilled into the kimora, arm and chokes. And then I went to my first tournament and got caught in a triangle choke in under 45 seconds!

The lesson I learned was position before submission! Learn the positions first! So I started practicing the correct base in each position and focused on the escapes from each position. That brings me to my next lesson learned.

In one of my next tournaments I made it to the semis and faced a guy who scored a takedown on me and I immediately went north south. He had never worked on a north-south exhaust so he just sat on top of me because he didn’t know what to do either! I lost but I learned to practice an escape from every position! So at least you have an idea of ​​what to do.

In fact, the first tournament I won, I just used standing and guard passing (position breaks). Believe it or not, these two widely practiced techniques will allow you to emerge victorious in most beginner and intermediate tournaments.

Finally, a lesson in Jiu Jitsu movements has recently been learned. Learn a presentation of each position. Why? Because winning by points wears you out! If you can send someone in 2 minutes against vice and point them out in 5 minutes, you won’t be as tired for your next wrestling match!

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