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Things to Consider When Buying Used Bounce Houses

On a day-to-day basis, buying a second-hand product with high valves has always been a good choice if the budget is limited. For example, people buy second-hand houses, cars, furniture, or even clothes. Although not every second-hand purchase is a great deal, you can get what you want for a small price, which is why most people are willing to take the risk. When it comes to bouncy castles, you might want some advice on whether or not a second-hand bouncy house is any good. That depends as always. If you want to know if you’re getting a good deal or inheriting someone else’s problems, here are some things to carefully consider before making a second-hand purchase.

1. Who is the manufacturer?

If you want to buy a new inflatable bouncer for daily use or rental business, you will of course consider the manufacturer. But for a second hand inflatable, you are not negotiating with the manufacturer, but you still need to know who is the manufacturer of the bouncy castle you are looking for. Is it made by a big reputable manufacturer you’ve heard of or a small shop you don’t know? The brand determines its price on the second-hand market.

2. Who is the seller?

Is the seller an individual, the owner of a rental business or even the manufacturer? You can get different inflatables from different sellers. People can sell their residential bouncy castles or small commercial bouncy castles at very low prices and sometimes you can get a good jumping castle from a failing inflatable rental business, but you can get better maintenance and warranty service from a maker.

You don’t know what condition this used bouncy castle is in. But think about the difference between them, a manufacturer will have a reputation to uphold, other sellers are more likely to be irresponsible. Also, if you buy a used inflatable from a manufacturer and it is a great investment, you will probably choose this manufacturer again when you need to buy another inflatable, and you will also tell your friend that he needs a used or brand new one. bounce house.

3. What are the reasons why the seller sells it?

This is the most important one and decides if you can get a good bouncy house or not. Usually the answers why they sell their inflatables are positive, you can still ask a few more questions to get a side look. A working bouncy castle rental company is unlikely to resell their inflatable equipment, if they do it means that this used inflatable is most likely no longer suitable for rental. And you can imagine what it will be like.

The best way to evaluate a used bounce house is to always inflate it and inspect it in person. If you live a long way from the seller, you can request a recent video of the inflatable in action. If you can inspect the inflatable on site, you will feel more confident. Check the exterior first, does it look clean and not smell moldy? Are there any mildew stains, tears, nicks, or taped repairs? Check the PVC material for stress points and abrasions, if the seams begin to separate.

4. More considerations.

Remember to ask the seller for proof of purchase and the warranty card. This can tell you how long it has been used and is not stolen. Check that the accessories come with the inflatable as well. See if it contains the manufacturer’s manuals and maintenance records or test certificates. Check if the anchor stakes and the blower work well. Lastly, consider more than just price. Do not consider used inflatables with unrepaired damage.

Whether you should buy a second hand bouncy house depends on what you are going to do with it. If you just want to add some backyard entertainment for your child, a good second-hand inflatable bouncer is a sensible alternative for the family on a budget. But if you want to do some shopping for your party rental business, secondhand inflatables are not a good option unless you buy them directly from the manufacturer, because your customers won’t like dirty old jump houses. Still, buying a new commercial bouncy house for frequent use is a good investment and there is no risk of wasting money.

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