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The COVID-19 Pandemic and New York City Bicycle Injuries

Pandemic and New York City Bicycle Injuries

The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging much of the world in 2020 and it will continue into 2021. During that time, many modes of transportation have decreased significantly in New York City. As a result, more people are cycling and relying on Citi Bike as an alternative form of transportation. The increased weekend ridership and use of Citi Bike has increased dramatically. There were also record trips across the East River Bridge and fewer car accidents.

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As a result, the number of cyclist injuries increased by 43 percent from last year’s figures. The mayor is under fire for not building more bike lanes and for not addressing the lack of protected infrastructure, but cyclists are still dying in dangerous situations. In fact, 80 cyclists were injured during the week after Hizzoner’s bike-to-work suggestion last Sunday, an increase of 42.9 percent from the same week in 2018.

The number of bicycle injuries is increasing so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep track of the numbers. There were 114 bicycle deaths in NYC in March. The number of cyclist fatalities in New York City jumped by 42 percent from the same week last year. Meanwhile, the number of injured bikers increased by 22 percent. The NYPD has blamed the increase in accidents on driver negligence, inattention, or failure to yield. Injuries involving bikers have increased by 42.9% from last year.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and New York City Bicycle Injuries

In New York City, the number of cyclist injuries has increased by 42.9% compared to the same week last year. This trend is also mirrored in the Bronx and the North Brooklyn bureaus. While the numbers are not completely consistent, it is important to know that cyclists are a growing part of the city’s population. The absence of proper protected bike lanes and bike-friendly infrastructure is contributing to the rising number of cycling-related injuries.

The number of cyclist injuries in New York City has increased by 43 percent in just one year. However, this increase has been attributed to the lack of protected bicycle infrastructure. In New York, eighty-four bicycles were injured during the period last Sunday through this week – an increase of 42.9 percent from the same week last year. But the overall trend is still positive. The city is still a work in progress and will continue to build more bike-friendly infrastructure.

As more people choose to use bikes to commute, the number of bicycle accidents has increased as well. According to the New York City Police Department, there were a 7% increase in injuries in April, compared to a 60 percent decrease in total collisions. The number of injuries has increased despite Mayor de Blasio’s urging people to ride bicycles to work. It is also the first time that bicycles have been incorporated into the city’s transportation network.

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