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The best invention of all time: the rice cooker?

If you’ve ever cooked rice for dinner on top of the stove, then the answer to the question “is the rice cooker the greatest invention of all time?” is an obvious “yes”. There is nothing worse than having rice, cooked on top of the stove, boil on the sides of the pot and on the stove. The job of cleaning not just the pot, but the stove with all the burned and dried rice, is perhaps one of the worst kitchen cleaning jobs out there.

With the rice cooker, you don’t have the problem of boiling, so the pot stays clean, and since it doesn’t cook on the stove, the stove stays clean too. All you have to do is add the rice and water to the pot and plug it into the outlet and the dish will cook fluffy and delicious. If you have a pot with an automatic timer, it will turn off when cooked.

You can buy a pot that has more than just the rice cooking function. Some kitchens allow you to steam fish and vegetables, cook eggs and oatmeal in the morning, cook soups and stews, and much more. Being able to wash these various dishes in the pot can prevent wear and tear on the stove and save you money on utilities in the long run.

Not all rice appliances are the same, some kitchens claim to use human logic in the cooking process. The fuzzy logic pot can supposedly adjust to the temperature and humidity of your indoor and outdoor atmosphere to cook your rice to perfection.

There are also microwave rice cookers. Although these are not microwave machines, they are rice cookers that are placed in the microwave and cook the rice there rather than on the hob electrically. While the electric rice cooker will cook the rice quickly, generally in twenty to thirty minutes, the microwave rice cooker will cook the rice in the microwave for twelve to thirteen minutes. As you can see, the microwave rice cooker will cook your rice to perfection in less time.

There’s no need to suffer through the mess and heartache of cleaning up after cooking your rice on top of the stove. All you have to do is decide what kind of cuisine you want and save yourself a lot of time and energy and keep serving that perfect rice dish for dinner. However, keep in mind that three cups of dry rice will yield six cups of cooked rice. Choose the right size pot for the amount of rice your family consumes and enjoy perfection and freedom.

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