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The advantages of HTC Watch on the Sensation XL

The Sensation XL from HTC is one of the most exclusive smartphones on the market. Unlike the 4.3-inch screen of its predecessor, it has a 4.7-inch panel. This will allow you to enjoy more watching videos or movies. However, Google currently doesn’t have as extensive a movie service as Apple’s iTunes on phones like the iPhone 4S. With phones made by the Taiwanese phone maker, this will no longer be a problem. It has a service that allows you to stream movies to your smartphone. This is HTC Watch. One of the telephones that can make use of this service is the Sensation XL.

With this service, you can enjoy Hollywood entertainment in the palm of your hand. The app will give you access to a huge library of movies and shows that you can rent or buy. This will allow you to watch the movies you love on the go. The phone’s 4.7-inch screen delivers movies the way they should be seen. Also, there is no waiting time during transmission.

You may be thinking that streaming videos is quite difficult and streaming movies will be a bigger hassle. Don’t worry, HTC’s approach is different. The service uses progressive download technology. This technology allows you to enjoy movies almost instantly on the HTC Sensation XL. Progressive download technology works by buffering rather than downloading the bit that is being viewed. This also includes the next bit. This means that congested public Wi-Fi connections will never affect the continuous streaming of the movie.

Another advantage of HTC Watch is the trailers. Let’s say you come across a movie that might interest you. Instead of buying or renting without getting a preview of the movie, you can watch the trailer first. This will help you better decide whether to rent or buy the movie or not.

HTC Watch on the Sensation XL is part of a bigger picture. The phone supports all major multimedia formats like Xvid, avi, mp4, and many more. Along with the latest mobile version of Adobe Flash and HTML5, this phone is perfect for playing a wide range of video formats found on the service and on the web.

As you can see, watching movies on a smartphone has never been so good. This exclusive service on the Sensation XL will allow you to seamlessly watch a movie on the go. It also gives you a preview of a movie that you might be interested in renting or buying. These are the advantages of HTC Watch in this big screen smartphone.

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