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Health comes first: start today

A better life is something we all long for and are eligible for our own happiness. Although it is rarely the case when this state of practical utopia is attained, it is nevertheless not beyond the reach of the common man. All they will have to do is say yes to life and break free from the fast food trap…

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Legal Law

Canterbury School – Academic Excellence in Fort Myers

Canterbury School is an independent coeducational private day school in Fort Myers, Florida that claims the distinction of sending 100 percent of its graduates to colleges or universities. With such high academic statistics, it is not surprising that Canterbury students are regularly admitted to select universities across the country, including Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Harvard, New York, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest,…

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Can a narcissist love?

Anyone who has ever loved a narcissist wonders, “Does he really love me?” “Does she appreciate me?” They are torn between their love and their pain, between staying or leaving, but it seems they can’t do it either. Some swear they are loved; others are convinced that they are not. It’s confusing, because sometimes they experience the caring person they…

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10 solutions for Cocker Spaniel separation anxiety

Cocker spaniels are affectionate and sociable. They are energetic animals and generally happy. However, this happiness is highly dependent on human companionship. Cocker Spaniels are unlikely to stay happy if they are left to spend a lot of time alone. Some cockers can appear a bit “depressed” if left alone regularly or for an unusually long period of time; Others…

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Who will win Super Bowl XLV, Steelers or Packers?

It’s that moment again, and it has appeared every year for the last 44 years, The Super Bowl! The biggest sporting event in the world! This year in 2011 is Super Bowl XLV (45) The Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Green Bay Packers. Two years ago, Super Bowl XLIII had the largest television audience in US history with a total of…

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The Marble Halls of the Oregon Metro

Serendipity is a wonderful thing: the discovery of something when one is not seeking to discover it. Oregon Caves, in the southwestern part of the state, is a case in point. Elijah Davidson went out one day in 1874 to hunt deer with his dog. After you downed a deer, your dog caught the scent of a bear. The bear…

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Trump Schutzpah and Russian Gelt

Donald Trump is a master at fueling his ambition by making the most of his country’s freedom. Noted for circumventing the law and making others blame the crime When local funds dried up after repeated failures, Trump found dark money available after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Wealthy oligarchs turned Trump’s attention to Putin as his next…

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