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Netflix on PlayStation

Recently, PlayStation improved its support for Netflix on PlayStation 3. And these few technological improvements have definitely ensured good news for PlayStation owners. Netflix subscribers can watch all-time favorite movies right in their living room by streaming movies over the Internet. Sony started the partnership with Netflix in 2009 and since then the relationship has grown and matured considerably. Previously, PlayStation users needed a streaming video disc for live streaming of movies and videos on their console. But now, the new Netflix app for the PlayStation 3 console has greatly improved the live streaming experience.

As of October 2011, you can enjoy an intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use interface. You need a PlayStation 3 console, an Internet connection, preferably a high-speed one, and a Netflix subscription. This will allow you to watch movies, TV shows, BBC shows, documentaries, biographies, and much more. But before downloading the new app, you need to delete the existing app. Existing users can update their Netflix app by going to the TV / Videos section through their PlayStation XMB. Go to Netflix icon, delete existing app. Log in to PlayStation Network, then go to the “What’s New” section and download the new Netflix app. Accept the updated terms and conditions and you are ready to watch Netflix movies. It can be easily accessed using the directional arrows on PS3. A big plus is that the combination of Netflix and PS3 provides some exclusive features that are not yet available for other consoles, such as 1080p HD movies, with Dolby 5.1ch surround sound.

According to a survey conducted by Knowledge Networks, Netflix has become a key destination for entertainment among American consumers. According to the report:

  • 35% of US consumers in the 13-54 age group use Netflix for streaming or DVD / Blu-ray rental at least once a month.
  • 10% of Netflix subscribers agreed to cancel the service if their cable / satellite providers started offering a similar service at the same price.
  • 62% of Netflix users prefer video game systems to view Netflix “Instant Watch” content on a television.

Netflix on PlayStation 3 is being highly preferred by users. Compared to Hulu Plus, an Over The Top (OTT) subscription service provider, Netflix scores much better, including 20,000 titles from different genres. It also succeeds Hulu Plus in offering 1080p high definition streaming, as the previous stream in 720p. Netflix on PlayStation surely looks promising and will become the main source of entertainment for all PS3 owners.

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