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How to write an introductory paragraph for an essay

There are many ways to write an introductory paragraph for an essay, as you want to emphasize in your work.

But first, you need to state your purpose in writing and make a thesis statement. Limit your topic in details. Your first paragraph could introduce your topic or quote that the essay is worth reading and that the writer is interesting and human.

You can start your paragraph introduction using the following approaches.

Start with an anecdote.

Readers want interesting examples and stories that they can relate to. They need to know the different stories of each one that can shed light and enthusiasm.

My boyfriend for a week was an android. All he had to text me were the same phrases with exclamation marks, “I love you! I miss you!” I sent the same messages. This is how some programs were made, after human responses.

Start with the description.

You can describe people, places, and events, among others.

My boyfriend’s eyes shone like two moons in the night. Her flexible and red lips like rose petals. His jaw is strong and severe. His heart so bright, like the sky before the sun rises.

Get started with a quote.

The quote should be appropriate to your topic. It can be taken from a literary work or from experts and other writers.

“Poetry is an orphan of silence. Words never equal the experiences behind them.” Charles Simic on poetry

Start with a question.

A question has to be answered or reevaluated. This will be exciting for many.

How long would an android lover last? I guess this program will only be up to date for a few months and boring the next few months. Like a machine, there will be depreciation. And, unlike humans who develop intellect and wisdom, it would be impossible for an ancient machine or program to appreciate much after prolonged use. Only humans can adapt to change, machines cannot; must be updated.

Again, write down the details. To vividly illustrate, human-interest tone and, of course, originality.

A copied essay is nothing but rubbish. Fresh ideas are suitable in the introductory paragraph.

The true writer will not stop writing and the reader will never understand how they introduce the introduction, but the tone of the writers will forever stimulate the minds and hearts of the readers and teach them how.

How to write an introductory paragraph for an essay? Explore your style, what suits your topic, audience, and point of view. Now do it; to write!

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