How to promote your home based business through free reports

Giving out free reports is a powerful way to market your home business, but most people struggle with multiple ways to advertise your free report, get it right and you’ll get a flood of traffic for your home business.

List of ezine publishers.

You need to generate a list of ezine publishers so you can send them articles to use in their ezines. E-newsletter advertising is quick and easy, the hardest part is writing the ad copy for your ads and finding e-newsletters to advertise them.

Some of the top ezine directories are;

  • topezineads
  • Direcortiophezines

There is a cost to using these, but they will be your lifeline until you build an ezine list yourself.

Advertising campaign.

The overall goal of your advertising campaign is to generate leads for your free report, because the more people that get your free report, the more people that get exposure to your home based business, so you really want to advertise anywhere you think the people can. be interested in your free report. Since you’re not looking for a direct sale, this allows you to be a little less concerned about how targeted your audience is.

classified ads

Start your ad campaign first with classified ads, where you can get a classified ad for around $2 per ad.

You can take a look at;

  • Parthenon
  • Two dollars

If you search the ezine directories, you’ll find many other places to advertise cheaply.

Although writing classifieds has become an art form, it is not difficult to learn, there are thousands of books on the subject of writing successful classifieds. Although some people do more complicate the issue.

Some ideas on what makes a good classified ad?;

  • A headline that draws attention.
  • Has promised
  • A call to action

Once you’ve found some good ezines, keep advertising your free base business reports with them, once you’ve started making money from your classified ads, it’s time to start using sponsorship ads.

Sponsorship ads.

While sponsorship ads have a dramatic increase in your advertising cost in your home based business budget, the results will also be drastically different. A top sponsorship ad can cost between $15 and £300 depending on where it is advertised.

Sponsorship ads will also give you an indication of how attractive the ezine will be and whether or not it’s worth the time and effort to purchase a solo ad.

solo ads

Also compare the price between a sponsorship ad or a solo ad, because if you can get a solo ad for an extra $50, it will definitely be worth going solo.

Don’t make the following mistakes when doing solo ads,

  • Do not advertise any affiliate programs directly
  • Take a look to see if a similar home based business has been advertised before, compare them
  • Not having a way to capture email addresses.

Publication in discussion forums

Another method of free advertising for your home-based business is by posting on discussion forums, which can be extremely effective, especially if the message board is within a members-only site that you paid to join.

The idea here again is not to spam the message board, but to add some content. Only answer questions you know a lot about, don’t try to sound like an expert on a subject when you’re not, this is the best way to ruin your reputation before you’re lucky enough to create one.

Signature files are small snippets of text, whether it’s after a message board post or at the bottom of your email, the idea of ​​the signature file is to make them as short and convincing as possible.

Link your signature file to your home business sales page. A good idea is to use a separate tracking system to track how many views your message board posts are getting.

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