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How to peel and polish concrete floors?

Modern polished concrete floors are not only stylish, but they are durable and very inexpensive, so it is worth considering installing them when building or renovating your home or workplace as a very practical flooring solution.

Before you can polish concrete floors, they need to be removed to leave a clean, solid surface that is easy to polish. This can be done with mechanical shredders or with the use of chemical strippers.

Chemical strippers are solvent-based that usually use methylene chloride, a very strong, reactive and flammable oxidant that requires the user to wear protective clothing and respirators or biochemical strippers that are much friendlier to the user and the environment. These generally take longer and may require repeated applications to remove some surfaces, but they are much more user-friendly and environmentally friendly. They also have the advantage that they are less dirty and can be cleaned with water.

The first step in stripping your old floor is to remove all the old cement on the surface along with any covering that may be there, including tile, grout, paint, or epoxy.

In deciding the best method, consideration must be given to the capabilities of the operators, the site constraints, and what to remove or remove from the floor.

It’s also important to consider how you want the finished flooring to look, inside or out, how it will be used, and if there are any designs or patterns you want to keep or imperfections you want to remove.

The best approach to having your own polished concrete floors effectively and efficiently is to do the job in stages. The following steps will help you do the best job with the best results.

  • Step 1: sweep the floor well

Use a broom or vacuum to remove dirt or debris to keep the floor clean.

  • Step 2: mop the floor with clean water and a mild detergent

The mop will remove light stains and also collect any remaining dust so you can properly inspect the floor.

  • Step 3: dry the floor and inspect it carefully

It is important to dry the floor properly and then do a visual inspection of all areas of the floor so that you can see if any repairs are needed.

  • Step 4: buff the floor with a coarse grit polisher (500)

This will effectively remove stubborn stains from concrete and rough areas.

Start at one end and grind / buff the floor systematically from side to side to evenly cover the entire floor in a circular motion. Try to avoid overlapping, but pay special attention to stains and rough areas.

  • Step 5 Polish with fine-grained polishing disc

In a circular motion, buff the entire floor, the entire surface should look smooth, clean and even with remaining stains and rough areas removed.

  • Step 6: Polish with an extra fine grit polishing disc (1500)

This step will give your floor a nice, glass-like shine. During this part of polishing, you should overlap the circles as you go in a rhythmic circular motion over the entire floor.

  • Step 7: apply a suitable concrete floor polish

Apply the correct floor polish with the floor polisher to give your floor an extra long-lasting shine and adequate protection for utensils.

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