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How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Top Muffin Fat?

When we set a goal, we like to know how long it should take to achieve it, so how long should it take to get rid of the grease from the top of the muffin? Well that depends on a few things. Read on to discover the secret mystery of muffin top decapitation!

The main factor in knowing how long it will take you to lose your muffin top is not your size at first, but your commitment to your plan and its compliance day after day.

If you’re half a pie trying to get the fat off the top of the muffin and having a cheat meal every second meal, then you will take until the Second Coming.

However, if you are committed to a natural goodness diet and exercise every day, it will take much less time.

A sensible amount of fat to lose per week is approximately 2 pounds.

This is the amount that bodybuilders will lose each week preparing for a competition, and let’s face it, they know what they’re doing.

No matter what you hear on infomercials, this is the safe amount to lose if you have a healthy eating plan and exercise every day.

The claims you hear about losing 10 pounds a week or 50 pounds in a month are more than exaggerated claims made by people trying to sell a product.

However, you are capable of losing 10 pounds a week … Just stop eating and drinking water!

However, I would never recommend doing this and neither would any sane person, the effects will destroy you. You will have no energy, you will look like shit, you will feel like shit and little by little you will fade closer to death.

Practice tried and tested healthy eating in addition to exercising, and check out some of the sweet plans I have for free on my site.

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