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How can on-demand food delivery companies use artificial intelligence to optimize food delivery?

In the so-called information age, at least on-demand food delivery app platforms are one of the truly great things of our time. And the only reason why the number of fast casual and quick service restaurants is projecting at breakneck speed. Of course, they have been wrapped up with online delivery platforms.

Spurred by internet penetration and smart use of smartphones, which has resulted in a growing consumer obsession with ordering food online, it has boosted the food ordering industry, which as a result, witnessed competition heated in which all other food delivery apps compete to attract more. From the market.

But to dismay, the industry’s smallest entities are not harnessing the power of the latest technologies to optimize deliveries, streamline operations, and conduct effective marketing. As a result, they fail to increase their sales. Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes from the same family of unused technology that remains intact, considering it as one of those abstract concepts with presumably no real application.

To prove this perceived notion of AI wrong and to help you elevate your brand by attracting more consumers, here we discuss how a brand can use AI to simplify its marketing efforts.

  • Predictive customer behavior

Understanding what consumers want and need, ideally even before they do, can help the brand understand each specific customer and learn their habits, which can eventually help them better serve and drive sales.

The easiest way to understand this in action is when you log into any e-commerce application and are provided with a variety of suggested products to purchase. Using AI deep learning technology, brands can predict consumer behavior months in advance and put it into action. The recommendation engine allows consumers to choose meals based on their food preferences.

  • Chatbot support

Chatbots provide automated human-like responses on demand to common and most frequently asked customer questions on the web or app, helping save brand time, resources, and money and help satisfy customers with a rapid response system. Chatbot developers create scripts evaluating a large number of possible scenarios, which in turn, can simplify interactions with customers.

  • Voice activated orders

Voice ordering is gaining popularity after the increased dominance of voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

Starbucks introduced My Starbucks Barista in 2017, putting the coffee giant on the path to voice-activated ordering. Wingstop first introduced it in 2009, making it one of the first players in the field to offer digital ordering and then integrating voice-activated technology in 2017. Pizza delivery chain Domino’s also entered the mobile ordering scene powered by voice relatively early.

  • Kiosks

Quick service and quick casual restaurants should integrate AI-powered self-service kiosks to reduce customer wait time and improve the customer ordering experience.

  • Automated advertising

Automated advertising automates your online advertising efforts so that you can focus on other important business functions rather than spending your time on social media marketing campaigns.

There are money-based algorithms and ad performance-based algorithms to monitor you. Monetary algorithms use your sales and conversion data from your ad campaigns to increase or decrease bids on campaigns based on your monetary performance. Ad performance algorithms use performance data from your ads to optimize high-performing campaigns and stop low-performing ads.

The last word:

In this highly saturated market, more and more companies are succeeding in their mission to optimize delivery as they have found that the only way to stay competitive is by delivering better value to the customer. And the best way to do it is by adopting the latest technologies. AI has revolutionized the way QSRs and other on-demand food delivery applications market and scale their successes. When are you going to adopt it? The trend is here to stay! Be the pioneer and get in touch with your food delivery app development company now.

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