Horse racing: How much money do you want to win in the races?

In horse racing it is sensible to decide how much money you want in the races. This makes your path to money a little easier because now you have a more direct opportunity to reach your goals. In the real world of racing you will have to be more precise than “I want a lot of money” Prayed “It is inevitable that he will come if I play pick six,” etc. Such a thing is not a solid plan and that is just what is needed. A simple and flexible goal and plan. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it has to be thought of as something achievable.

As an example of a very simple but firm horse racing plan:

(1) goal: $1.6 million.

(two) time frame: four years from now or by my date of birth.

(3) tracks to play: Santa Anita Y Gulfstream Park only.

(4) bets to play: Choose 3, Choose 4 and Trifecta.

field sizes to play: 8-11 field sizes.

(6) Types of races to play: allowance, handicap and bets.

(7) ticket price range: $A for field size 8. $B for field size 9. $C for 10 field sizes. $D for 11 field sizes. How much money do you want to win in races?

Think for a second how long you have been playing horses and how much you have won or won. Did you know? Have you been keeping a constant record or log? Yes? Nope? Think for a second where you are in the game and what it takes in the simple things you are doing or should have been doing to reach your money goals. So one of the first things you need to do is permanently decide how much it would take to satisfy you in terms of money. $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000? $3,000,000?

How much and how are you going to get it? Let me give you a hint. Divide the horse races into two large but equal parts. (1) put all the matters related to the selection, choose, choose, predict and determine the outcome of the races on one side. (two) then put all matters related to the prediction and determination of the amount of profit or profit for several months or several years on the other side. This leads to two equally important halves. disability and earnings cap There are already two main books on each showing how to apply their knowledge. So, once again: how much money do you want to win in the races?

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