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Hearts in fortune telling – Tarot reading with the suit of good fortune

Cartmonancy is the art of using a normal deck of cards to see someone’s fortune. Suits of Hearts are considered lucky and tend to predict events of good fortune. Read on to learn the general meanings of the various heart cards in a person’s reading.

Tarot Cards and Cartmonancy

Cartmonancy developed from Tarot reading, just as our modern deck of playing cards evolved from the Tarot deck. With the discard of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, decks became simpler to produce and became a common feature of most homes. An oral tradition of the card meanings developed in a reading and was passed down over the years. The meanings presented here are those most generally recorded from written sources.

Hearts used as customer cards

The guest card in a reading is one chosen to represent the theme of a reading. It is usually a King or Queen card, chosen based on the client’s gender and appearance. The King of Hearts is normally used to represent a young man with blond or auburn hair. Likewise, the Queen of Hearts is used if the reading client is a young blonde or auburn hair. Note that when a card is used in this way, it is not interpreted in actual reading, but rather is a placeholder to show how close or far the effects can be from a particular card.

Individual meanings of hearts

Listed below are the cards of this suit and their general meanings. Remember that hearts in general predict a lucky event or outcome in an interaction. The Ace of Hearts is the main card of the suit; predicts an abundance of love, friendship, and happiness in the near future. The King of Hearts, when not used as a guest card, predicts a lucky interaction with a young man with blond hair. The Queen of Hearts predicts an encounter with a loving, trustworthy, blond-haired young woman. Jack predicts a meeting with a close friend. The Ten of Hearts foretells special good fortune and happiness in the future. The nine of hearts is the “wish” card, indicating that your current dreams will come true. The eight of hearts predicts parties and festivities, or invitations to events you are looking to enter. The seven of hearts is the “broken” card, portending false hopes and broken promises. The six of hearts predicts good luck from an unexpected source, a good surprise for you. The five of hearts is the precursor to jealousy and indecision. The four of hearts is the “change” card; warns of delays and changes of fortune. The three of hearts asks for caution; something is not right in your domestic life. Lastly, the two of hearts is a general success and prosperity card, similar to the ace, but less powerful.


These cards, along with those of the other suits, provide you with clues and suggestions that an experienced reader can interpret into a larger whole.

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