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Green tea benefits explored

I’ve been drinking green tea for about a year now and I feel like it’s one of those amazing, refreshing drinks that has helped me get back in shape. Aside from the weight loss benefits, I find it a rejuvenating drink that is equally healthy.

I’m not obese, but I don’t have a body that most women crave. Especially the generation of fat in my abdominal area after the birth of my son is prominent. The worst part is that the sagging skin around that spot prevents me from wearing body-revealing clothing. To be honest, I’m not very picky about my appearance, but a good body means a lot to me. It is something that gives me confidence. Apparently those ugly lumps make me conscious and I don’t want to live with it.

I switched to the green tea diet to get rid of visible fat around difficult regions of my body. I must say it is helping me, albeit slowly. I recommend following a regular training plan with this diet to see faster results.

Benefits of drinking green tea

Many of us know the benefits of the green tea diet. Here are some benefits that I would like to share with all of you:

  • It certainly helps you lose a few extra pounds, albeit slowly. I lost about 4 “off my waist in one year. I feel like it’s pretty commendable.

  • Helps keep you rejuvenated throughout the day by speeding up the detoxification process.

  • The best thing about this diet plan is that it also helps to boost the digestion process and helps a person stay healthy and fit.

  • Plus, it offers some impressive skincare benefits. It works as a toner if applied directly to the face.

  • It is also known to prevent breast cancer among women. According to one of the studies conducted among 472 women with the disease, women who drank 4-5 cups of green tea every day were able to further restrict the spread of the disease. Not only does it restrict the progression of the disease, but it also prevents its recurrence once the treatment is finished. Don’t you think this is great news for all women on breast cancer medication? They can always add it to their diet.

  • It also reduces the risk of prostate cancer among men who drink about 2-3 cups of the beverage a day.

The benefits of drinking green tea are numerous, but you need to drink it at the right time to reap its maximum benefits.

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