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Game Downloads – Pros and Cons

The internet world has made the download speed faster and faster. Downloading digital games can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. The only thing left to answer is, who should you go to to achieve this, or is downloading a game a better decision than going and buying from a store?

One of the main concerns about downloading games would be the fear of all the spyware, adware, and viruses that come from many of the free download websites. Computer security becomes a big problem. There are various pros and cons of downloading from the Internet.


1. You can shop at any time of the day or night. Which makes it convenient for anyone’s lifestyle. The site never closes.

2. Games never run out. It’s so annoying to go from store to store and what you’re looking for is out of stock. You are ready for it now.

3. You can buy them from home. You don’t have to waste travel time or gas to go get it.

4. No physical storage space required. You don’t have to keep buying shelves to hold all your games to rummage through.

5. Do not queue.

6. You can demo upcoming products before you buy them.


1. Download time can be slow for new products if distributors’ servers are not configured to handle the volume.

2. Returns and/or refunds can be very difficult.

3. You can’t sell/trade your old games when you get tired of them because you don’t have a physical copy.

There are many paid membership sites where you can download games. You want a source that is dependent. Many of the fees are lifetime or yearly subscriptions that are relatively inexpensive and give you unlimited downloads. You may be wondering how you can review so many sites. That’s not a problem. I have a site where the research has already been done and the reviews are there for you to compare. Click the link below to review the sites. There is a link on the review site where you can also purchase a membership.

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