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Five easy remodeling ideas to update your kitchen

Do you live with a kitchen that feels dated, small, or inefficient? Even a fairly small kitchen remodeling project can make a big difference in bringing the room into the 21st century. Here are five strategies for updating your kitchen:

Change cabinets: Older cabinets often have a dirty or dated appearance, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace them entirely. Consider restoring or renovating them with a modern color. Not only will it give your kitchen a new look, different colors can affect the size of your kitchen. While you’re at it, update your drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and hinges. Hardware is one of the main features that dates a kitchen.

Install new flooring: Nothing makes a kitchen look older than worn linoleum. Today’s homeowners can use upgraded hardwood floors or a wood-look laminate. If you want to go green, bamboo is a durable and sustainable option. Cork is also popular.

Increase lighting: Dim lighting can add years to your kitchen and make it a less than pleasant place to hang out. See if you can make the windows bigger or add skylights to create a bright new look. Consider installing new lights. While older kitchens tend to have a central ceiling fixture, today’s kitchens often have multiple light sources, including pendant lamps over the eating area, under-cabinet task lighting, and soft ambient lighting above. The cabinets.

Buy new appliances: If you haven’t looked at appliances in a while, you’ll find that the newer models will save you money on your energy costs. Newer stoves and ovens also cook faster and are easier to clean than older models. Refrigerators make better use of space: A replacement refrigerator could take up the same square footage, but fit more inside.

Add some color: You may be living with an outdated color scheme. Consider what a good coat of paint will do to liven up the room. If you want a brighter, more spacious feel, use a light color. Alternatively, darker colors will make the room feel cozier.

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