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Effective ways to burn more calories without exercising

It’s not hard to find people who apparently want to lose weight but just have too much on their plates. They are usually people with long working hours or with multiple responsibilities, such as working mothers. If you are one of them and you think that your busy routine is a hindrance to weight loss as it allows you minimal time to exercise, you are certainly wrong! The truth is, a tight schedule is actually a great way to burn off multiple calories without exercising. It’s all about incorporating little tips and techniques into your daily habits!

At home:

If you are a housewife or generally spend most of your time indoors, there are several activities you can participate in to burn fat. In fact, you can start with the most common entertainment medium – television! Have you noticed how quickly time seems to go by when you watch TV or listen to music? Take advantage of this by standing up while watching TV or slowly marching to the venue. Similarly, you can get used to walking while talking on the phone instead of sitting. You can also get used to stopping using the TV remote and instead walking up to change the channel or adjust the volume. Yet another way is to start cleaning your room yourself and burn multiple calories during physical activity while simultaneously doing your daily tasks!

At work:

A surprisingly great place to start is your workplace! Yes, you can burn multiple calories while in your office. Is the latter located in a multi-story building? All you need to do is start using the stairs instead of the elevator. You can gradually increase the number of stairs you climb as you get used to the habit. Without really realizing it, an average person can burn up to 100 calories walking up stairs for just 6 minutes! You can also burn calories simply by tossing out comfortable but lazy clothes; When you need to talk to a colleague, walk to their office instead of making a quick call. Similarly, you can place your computer on a higher surface and use it while standing for some or most of the time.


If you have a pet, it is a good idea to walk it yourself. Since walking is a very healthy activity, it will not only make your muscles healthier, but it will also burn fat. You can also make walking part of your routine by getting off the bus one stop early and walking the rest of the distance. Another great idea is to take responsibility for family purchases. There is nothing better than burning calories simply walking down the aisles while pushing a cart and having fun shopping! A great way to increase your physical activity while walking is to wear a pedometer and note how many steps you are walking. It will usually help as a stimulus to walk more regardless of whether you are trying to achieve a specific count or not.

Therefore, it is not necessary to complain about how a tedious routine does not allow you to exercise and therefore lose weight. You can achieve weight loss simply by increasing your level of physical activity while continuing your regular routine. Combined with a healthy diet plan, you will soon find that the fewest calories burned each day add up to make a big count and lead to weight loss!

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