Does your pet rule the home?

Cats and dogs have been the favorite pets in the house for centuries and they fill us with much affection. A home is not a home without a pet that welcomes when we return from a day of work or a walk. The look of love and happiness in his eyes along with a tail that moves like a whirlwind at your arrival melts the hardest heart.

Cats are a little more independent in their ways than dogs, but they’re always at the door to greet you and make you feel at home as they brush up against your legs… almost tripping you up in their eagerness. Of course, they’re just being smart because they want to be fed. This is just in case you forgot that it’s impossible!

Nothing keeps you entertained better than a playful kitty getting up to all sorts of mischief. Chasing a ball or a piece of string is part of the fun. Running from one corner to the next is usually followed by collapsing onto a cushion or your favorite chair. Naturally, you readily abandon him instantly for your pile of purring fur.

At night, she does the honor of accompanying him to bed, and often accompanying him in or on him. Would you have it any other way? To top it off, just when you’re about to fall asleep, decide that it’s time to go out and become a night owl. Upstairs he opens a door or window with this, followed by a daydream waiting for him to return.

Then there is the choice of which pet food to consider for feeding. All domestic animals have a favorite dish that they gobble up with relish. Maybe it’s boiled chicken or fresh or canned fish. The facial expression that awaits the desired choice can be very interesting to watch. They tend to sit and look expectantly at the refrigerator door, well aware that this is where their food usually comes from.

People who are under the impression that the animal kingdom is not intelligent are very wrong. The same goes for those who don’t like pets don’t know what they’re missing. Animals can become your best friends, sometimes your only friends. They keep you young and active. Even if the pet is a bird in a cage, it becomes a special creature that needs love and care. You realize that your pets rule your home and not the other way around.

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