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Discover the beautiful beach called Ngapali Beach in Myanmar – one of the best destinations in Asia!

The lovely Ngapali Beach is located in Thandwe; one of the ancient cities in the Rhakine state in Yangon; through the western part of Myanmar. From Yangon, Thandwe can be reached by air and another coach ride from Thandwe to Ngapali beach. The beach is known for its splendid beauty; considered as one of the most beautiful places not only in Myanmar but also in the whole world. Thousands of tourists come here every year to witness the alluring splendor of its white sandy beach and the serene features of the Ngapali Coast. The beach attracts people to surf, swim and just enjoy its enchanting and alluring beauty.

Ngapali beach is not just a particular beach in Yangon. It is actually a series of beaches that stretch along small fishing villages in the area; mainly around Mazin a Lontha, part of Mayo Bay. Unlike other beaches, Ngapali Beach has no bars or other establishments around it. The only sound that people can hear is the sea breeze and the rustling of the palm trees; this is a perfect getaway spot to relax and take a break from the busy city life. Enjoy snorkeling and boating along the wide expanse of the ocean.

Ngapali beach is the best place for sunbathing and beachcombing. Families often come here to spend their vacations and enjoy the wonderful view of Ngapali beach. Visitors can also try surfing as the winds here are truly amazing. The best time to visit Yangon is from October to May, when the weather is at its best. Visitors can also try taking a walk in the hills near the beach, just behind the Strand Beach Hotel, where they can get a full view of the entire beach. Ngapali beach is also famous for its magnificent scenery at sunset. There are also several resorts and hotels to choose from where visitors can spend their stay in Ngapali. And every hotel promises the best accommodation. All located in front of the beach, where people can enjoy the view of the beach even inside their hotel rooms.

Myanmar’s Ngapali Beach is recommended for people who want to experience a calm and peaceful rest. In addition, visitors can have fun together with the friendly people of the town. The Ngapali residents are very hospitable and accepting of everyone, especially the Ngapali children who are always ready to entertain their visitors. Ngapali is surely a place that any traveler from all over the world would love.

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