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Creating Your Life Blueprint – Part 1 – Dream List

We all have dreams, expectations and goals that we want to achieve. You have deep dreams or desires that fit into a wide range of categories.

o Dreams of financial fulfillment (such as a desired net worth)
o Dream Activities (such as skydiving)
o Travel dreams (like backpacking Europe)
or Things Dreams (like a Mercedes S-500)
o Relationship dreams (such as a passionate spouse who shares your values)
o Health dreams (such as a desired body weight)

These dreams are not new to you, they are deep desires that you have had in your subconscious for a long time. Writing a dream list has a powerful effect on you if you truly believe that you can achieve the dreams you write down on paper. I am going to write a series of articles in the next few weeks on the subject of achieving dreams and goals. There is a difference between the two. I will also describe how to set goals and create an action plan for your entertainment. All of this is part of what we will call the blueprint of your life. Just like when I built my first house at age 19, I knew I needed a set of plans to guide me on how to build my home. You also need a plan for your life. If you don’t plan things, chances are they won’t happen.

I first learned the strategies for planning events in my life, when I read the book “Super Self” by the late Charles Givens. It discusses in detail how to plan your life and achieve whatever you desire in your heart by following specific actions. I took this to heart and made my own dream list. A dream list is different from goals. A goal is more specific with a set time for its achievement. We will discuss goals and do a goal setting session in my next articles.

From the book “Super Self”, Charles says: “Your dream list is a summary of the main events, scenes and experiences in the most successful and fulfilling life you can imagine for yourself, unaffected by any current reality, family circumstances , level or lack of wealth, past or present pressures, or your own current level of confidence or ability.” In other words, you have permission to dream big and imagine a life that would be the perfect life for your dreams regardless of where you are now in your life. You succeed by clearly defining what you want.

One day I felt bad about myself because I felt that I was not as accomplished as I could be. I took one of my old notebooks and started reading some of my dreams off my list, which at the time I wrote them down seemed like a long shot. I was very surprised to see that I had achieved a good percentage of my dream list to include:

o He had traveled to England and Scotland and visited Stone Henge.
o He had a house with a pool in Las Vegas.
o He drove a Mercedes (Although a C series)
o I had a successful Real Estate Practice.

Our brains being the goal-seeking mechanism that they are, I had subconsciously gravitated towards the dreams that I had crystallized by putting them on paper. Together we will make a list of dreams that will contain the following five categories:

o What would you like to have or own?
o What would you like to do or create?
o Where would you like to go or travel?
o What would you like to be or become?
o What would you like to contribute to others?

Get all the random wishes out of your head and put them on paper so they feel real. Do this without thinking about limits or reasons why you won’t reach them. You can decide later if the reward is worth the risk or not in some of your dreams. For now think like a kid in a toy store and take what you want.

These are the steps to make the first part of your plan; the list of dreams

1. Get a notebook and a pen. Find a quiet place and remove all distractions.
2. Write at the top of the page; “My Dream List”
3. Write on the next line: “If I had unlimited time, talent, money, knowledge, self-confidence, and the support of my family, here is a list of everything I would have and do in my life.”
4. Start writing your dreams without contemplating the odds. Use your imagination and feel the emotions as you write them. Examples are:
A. Visit Machu Picchu
b. Own a house on a lake.
vs. Own and operate a multi-million dollar business.
d. Running in a marathon.
5. Keep writing without reservation and put what you feel like something you like to do, be or have.
6. It’s only a dream list if what you write really moves you.

Once you’ve put all your thought and effort into creating a dream list, you now have a document from which to begin your journey. Some of the things you put on paper may seem outrageous, but that’s okay. Everything you have done or achieved in your life once started as a dream or an idea in your head. For the same reason, these dreams are meant to inspire and capture your possibilities. You will feel great. Some of the things on your dream list might be something you’ll accomplish in 20 years and some are things you’ll work on right away. We will find out in the next article “Designing the Purpose of Your Life”

Your dream list will be a lifetime document that you will carry with you. If you believe in it, it can be so. You can announce dreams whenever they occur to you or you can remove some from your list as you see fit. Only delete a dream if it no longer inspires you. Your ideas and values ​​change as you get older, and some things may not be as important to you later on. This is good. These are your dreams and they only belong to you.

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