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Cancer, Candida, and the Parasite Connection

Candida and the Parasite Connection

In order for the body to heal, it must first be able to absorb all the nutrients and improve the digestive system and strengthen the immune system. There are many reasons why the digestive system might not be working properly.

Many people have experienced increased digestive problems over the years. The most common reasons are: a diet deficient in proper nutrients, impure water, along with excessive use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, corticosteroids, and other medications.

We are seeing more people suffering from Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, diverticulitis, celiac disease, indigestion, reflux, allergies, asthma, and constipation. Parasites and other harmful organisms that affect the immune system are on the rise. The most common of these is Candida Albicans. All this demonstrates the need for better nutrition through a healthy diet.

It is crucial to increase and maintain bacteria levels, eliminate any yeast infection and parasite infestation, and thus help eliminate cancer from the body.

Many organic raw foods will keep the bowel free from constipation. The body has to balance bacteria levels, fight yeast infections and eliminate parasites. People don’t realize that the human body is a perfect place for parasites. They accept that the children become infested with parasites and will give them a dose of medication. But once past the toddler stage, parasite prevention and eradication stops. It is quite unusual for an adult to be treated.

Attention to parasite infestation is no less important for adults. Please follow the protocols below to eliminate parasites from your body. However, you will also need to find out if you have a yeast infection.


Candida, or Candida Albicans to give it its full name, is an overgrowth of a single-celled yeast-like fungus. This fungus is known in Eastern cultures as a dampness that affects various parts of the body, most commonly the gastrointestinal tract and the vagina. The digestive system and metabolism are compromised by the often prolific growth in the body by this yeast. Those with weakened immune systems almost always have high levels of candida, especially those with advanced cancer, HIV and AIDS. In extreme cases, the infection will travel through the bloodstream and affect every organ in the body.

People with yeast infections become very sensitive to certain foods. They encounter some intolerable odors, especially gasoline, cigarettes, exhaust fumes, perfumes, cleaning products, and rubber.

Get tested for candida without a visit to the doctor or naturopath. Proceed as follows:

1. Place a glass of water on your nightstand or bathroom cabinet before you go to bed.

2. First thing in the morning, spit into the water. Do not eat or drink anything before this (this is important).

3. Let the saliva sit in the water for about 30 minutes, but not more than an hour before testing.

4. Check the water to see if it is clear. If you see strands of saliva (like legs) floating in the water or cloudy saliva that has sunk to the bottom of the glass,

or floating in the water, then you have candida.

If you have candida, it will need to be cleared up immediately. Removing parasites from your system is also a must if you want to absorb the nutrients from your food. For cancer patients, the problem is often the flounder worm.

You will definitely have parasites if you have cancer or candida. Remember:

• Candida yeast feeds on sugar.

• Your body’s pH balance is important for beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacilli, to thrive. These are necessary to metabolize sugars properly.

4 week eradication program

Foods to Avoid

Remove all foods containing sugar, honey, malt, etc. and leaven from your diet; this includes leavened breads, cakes, scones, rolls, cakes, crackers (unless they are sugar and yeast free), enriched flour, anything fried in breadcrumbs, truffles, and chocolate.

Do not eat fruits, including sweet fruits, dried fruits, and sour fruits. Do this for only four weeks.

All the yeast is smeared. (Vegemite, Marmite, etc.)

Black tea and tisanes. The two exceptions are Pau D’Arco tea, known for its antifungal properties (two to three cups per day is sufficient), and Black Walnut herbal tea, which is useful for eliminating parasites.



Cow’s milk – (you can substitute almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk or rice milk). Make sure they don’t contain sugar or malt.


Alcohol, soft drinks, frozen or canned citrus drinks, fermented foods such as soybeans, vinegar, soy sauce, honey, peanut butter, pickles, bouillon and soup cubes, alfalfa sprouts, and vitamin B tablets that contain yeast,

Enriched flour or anything made from ‘baker’s flour’ that contains yeast

and chemical enhancers.

Nutrients and foods to take;

Multi-strain probiotic. Use a dairy-free formula.

Paracea to eliminate parasites and worms, Paracea also helps digestive function and fights candida.

Kolorex Herbal Antifungal Formula.

Garlic oil that has a yeast-killing effect in the intestines.

Bromelain between meals makes it easier to digest dietary protein (the best formula to buy is Nutrition Diagnostics Bio-zyme Formula).

Co-Enzyme Q10 daily.

A high fiber diet. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, yeast-free grains like brown rice, millet, and non-fermented vegetarian protein.

Eat live cultured yogurts that do not contain sugar or juice.

Replace your toothbrush every two weeks or sanitize it with a water and citrus seed acid solution or apple cider vinegar.

All recommended products contain quality ingredients. Most are provided by naturopaths or physicians committed to advancing complementary medicine. This type of practitioner will have a degree in Nutritional Medicine. Although the nutritional supplements recommended in this manual will not be harmful to you, it is nevertheless recommended that you seek professional advice from your physician. He or she will verify dosages and may recommend an alternative product.

Nutritional supplements


Nutrition Care Lactobac powder or similar: Use a non-dairy formula.

Level spoonful of 5 ml 2 times a day – 1 hour before meals.

Fights yeast infection, balances bacteria levels in the stomach.

Active ingredients: Lactobacillus rhamnosus 14.25 billion organisms, Bifidobacterium longum 750 million organisms.

Bioceuticals Paracea Forte or similar – 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

When taking Paracea or a similar product it is important to take it for 2 weeks, then 5 days off, then 2 weeks again; this is to ensure that any eggs that hatch are destroyed. Helps maintain healthy digestive function and rid the body of parasites, worms, bacteria and candida and intestinal disorders.

Active ingredients: Artemisia herb (Chinese wormwood), Berberis vulgaris (barberry)

stem bark, Juglans nigra (black walnut) fruit peel, Citrus x paradise (grapefruit) fruit.

Bioceuticals Quercetin (or similar) (Includes bromelain to enhance quercetin absorption.) 600 mg twice daily between meals. Propagates healing and helps reduce the effects of inflammation and allergic conditions along with bromelain to provide

nutritional support.

Active Principles: Quercetin, Bromelain.

Nutrition Diagnostics Bio-Zyme Formula – 1 capsule to take 30 minutes before meals. It promotes digestion, breaks down plaque in the arteries, thins the blood, and stops the growth of malignant cells in many forms of cancer. Improves the immune system and defends against candida.

Active Ingredients: Bromelains, Papain, Extracts equivalent to fresh: Cynara scolymus (leaf), Extracts equivalent to dry: Zingiber officinale (root), Powder, Gentiana lutea (root), Stem bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum.

Kolorex de Hierbas del Bosque – 1 x Anise and 1 x Horopito simultaneously once a day.

A strong antifungal and helps maintain a balanced intestinal flora.

Active Ingredients: (New Zealand Horopito Herb (Pseudowintera colorata), Anise.

Nutrition Care Garlic Oil – 2 capsules twice a day. Inhibits the growth of the infecting organism. Excellent for eradicating candidiasis, colds and bacterial infections.

Active Ingredients: Each capsule contains 3g of fresh pure garlic oil.

Nutrition Diagnostic Bio-Vitamin C Powder – 2 heaped teaspoons twice daily. Increases immunity and increases damage from the release of toxins.

Active Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Lycine, Glycine, Proline, Citrus Bioflavonoids Extract, Green Tea, Catechins, Epigallachatechin Gallate 3-0

Bioceuticals Multi Essentials: 1 tablet daily with food, due to the potency of this formulation, it should be taken with food to avoid nausea.

Multi-essential vitamins are necessary for proper immune function and are used in conjunction with other remedies to aid the absorption of other nutrients.

Active Ingredients: Mixed Tocopherols, Betatene, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Vitamin

E (as succinate), Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate), Vitamin B1 (thiamine, vitamin

B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride),

vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate), vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin D3, vitamin K1,

Calcium citrate, manganese amino acid chelate, zinc amino acid chelate, copper

gluconate, selenomethionine, magnesium oxide, chromium nicotinate, biotin, choline bitarate, inositol, molybdenum trioxide, boron, bioflavonoids. Supplies a balanced B vitamin complex with additional B12 for healthy methylation and homocysteine ​​metabolism. Provides a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium with boron, for healthy bone support

Orthoplex Repairase – 1 teaspoon a day. The combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, is immune supportive, has antiviral activities, and repairs internal and external tissues.

Active ingredients: quercetin, rutin, magnesium ascorbate, bromelain, zinc gluconate, calcium pantothenate, selenomethionine, d-alpha tocopherol

succinate, retinyl palmitate.

Coconut milk and coconut oil are also extremely useful, as they help fight dangerous microorganisms in the body. Coconut lauric acid is the same medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) found in breast milk. This compound is a substance that has been shown to inactivate numerous viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and fungi.

Whether you have cancer or not, I believe that we all need to have a healthy digestive system to avoid cancer and other diseases.

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