Auto Parts Financing: Dos and Don’ts

So you are looking for new auto parts to complement your car’s look and attitude on the road. Excellent! You are like most people who drive on the highway. In fact, most people take pride in the appearance and performance of their vehicles and spend a lot of money on major modifications. However, this can be costly.

Unfortunately, not everyone can meet their need for speed with their current salary. Fortunately, there are some services that allow you to pay for your purchases over time. This can be convenient for emergency repairs, such as broken head gaskets, transmission failures, or other catastrophic failures that require a quick repair, allowing you to get back on the road. These services can also be used to purchase parts that are not necessarily an emergency, but are still desired by the owner.

I found a few auto parts financing options, and will provide some information on them in the hope of informing you so that you can make the right decision if you find yourself in a situation that requires you to finance auto parts.

PayPal credit – PayPal Credit, formerly known as BillMeLater, has been around since 2000. Users sign up for free, submit information for a credit check, and can start making purchases if an account is approved. Payment terms are generally set in increments over six months or until full cost is paid. If the total is not paid in full after the six-month period, an interest rate of 19.99% is applied in the form of a late fee. If you are considering using PayPal credit, be aware of the payment terms and be wary of the high interest rate. PayPal credit is a good option for financing auto parts, as it is used by many e-commerce sites that tend to have lower prices than many traditional stores.

CarCareONE – CarCareONE is an auto parts financing service that works much like a credit card. Run by Synchrony Financial, which has been around since the 1930s, CarCarONE allows you to make monthly payments for routine maintenance, trips to the gas station, and emergency repairs with moderately low interest. Also, no interest is applied to your purchases if they are canceled within 6 months. To register, you must request and consent to a credit and background check before making purchases. CarCareOne is ideal for emergency purchases as it is accepted at more than 16,000 stores nationwide, but be aware of high interest rates if not paid within the first 6 months.

Say – Affirm is a relatively new way to finance auto parts, but it offers the most forbearance on credit. Like PayPal credit, Affirm offers a line of credit for users to spend on purchases. However, this line of credit is not fixed, but is subscribed according to the amount and the merchant from whom it was purchased. Affirm charges small finance charges with each payment, so you risk paying more over time if you decide to split your purchase into multiple payments, but the fees are generally small. Affirm is a great option for users who want to buy parts, but prefer to pay for the item over time without risking the high long-term interest rates seen with PayPal Credit and CarCareOne. Remember, Affirm does not affect your line of credit, so this method may be the best option if your credit is low.

We hope this article has cleared up some questions you may have about financing auto parts. While it may not always be the best long-term option, it is a great option for emergencies!

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