7 tips for buying cheap glasses online

For seasoned shoppers, shopping online is a piece of cake. However, beginners can end up making serious mistakes when ordering online. Some things are so important that we cannot afford to buy the version, size or type of. One of those things is your glasses. If you take the time to do your homework, you can buy the right item.…

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The eBay Secret: 10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay

Do you want to succeed on eBay and work from home? Just follow these ten easy rules. Step 1: research. Know your market. Research is the key to any successful online business. What is being sold and, more importantly, what is not being sold. It will identify popular sellers fairly quickly. Archive the information that will pay dividends in the…

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Digital Marketing

Event planner social media software feature list

Event planner social media software feature list Admin / Configuration Organizers have the ability to enable or disable all features (listed below), subject to certain dependencies Custom branding Custom CSS and HTML fields allow your event organization to apply your organization / event appearance including logo, color scheme, layout, and more. Most of the text fields are also customizable Static…

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Lice nits: how to spot and get rid of them

The term “nit” is just an added name for the egg of a louse also identified as “louse.” Head lice and pubic lice attach their eggs or nits to the skull or body hair very close to the surface of the skin. Nits are attached to the hair follicle with a very strong glue that holds them firmly to the…

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Health Fitness

Health comes first: start today

A better life is something we all long for and are eligible for our own happiness. Although it is rarely the case when this state of practical utopia is attained, it is nevertheless not beyond the reach of the common man. All they will have to do is say yes to life and break free from the fast food trap…

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Legal Law

Canterbury School – Academic Excellence in Fort Myers

Canterbury School is an independent coeducational private day school in Fort Myers, Florida that claims the distinction of sending 100 percent of its graduates to colleges or universities. With such high academic statistics, it is not surprising that Canterbury students are regularly admitted to select universities across the country, including Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Harvard, New York, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest,…

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